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Daryl Dulaney, president and CEO of Siemens Industry
Daryl Dulaney, president and CEO of Siemens Industry

Siemens Industry CEO to Discuss Sustainable Infrastructure in Feb. 29 IMPACT Lecture

Siemens Industry CEO Daryl Dulaney will discuss how sustainable infrastructure is critical to the competitiveness of American cities on Wed. February 29 in Georgia Tech's IMPACT Speaker Series.

Dulaney, whose lecture is free and open to the public, will speak at 4:30 p.m. in LeCraw Auditorium of the College of Management (800 West Peachtree Street).

Organized by Georgia Tech's Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, the IMPACT Series brings notable business executives, high-tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and intellectual leaders to the College.

As president and CEO of Siemens Industry, Dulaney is responsible for executive management of a multi-billion-dollar entity with 22,000 employees (including the newly created Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector and the Siemens Industry Sector in the United States).

He also serves as CEO of the Infrastructure & Cities (IC) Sector in North America, which is focused on providing answers for aging urban infrastructure.

For the full lineup, visit the IMPACT Website


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