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Success Stories

Brian Edgerton, MBA 2013, was attracted to Target by its community impact and environmental intitaitives.
Alumni Profile: Tech Provided Great Environment for Brian Edgerton to Explore Sustainability
Before enrolling in Georgia Tech’s MBA Program, Brian Edgerton had long been interested in sustainability. “But when I came to Tech, I had the opportunity to embrace it,” he says.
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Finance Professor of the Practice Gary Jones, IM 1971, brings corporate stars to the classroom.
Alumnus/Professor Gary Jones Brings Real-World Financial Experience to the Classroom
The year was 1974. Gary T. Jones, three years out of what is now Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, had just finished his MBA and wanted to gain more experience in the financial industry.
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Mary Beth Watson-Manheim earned her PhD from Scheller in 1995.
PhD Alumni Profile: Watson-Manheim Explores Workplace Changes Enabled by Communications Technology
Everywhere you go, people are focused on their cell phones: talking, texting, answering email and checking social media — and much of this activity is job related. In an age when it's possible to be engaged electronically with the world all the time, it's worth considering, How are computing technologies changing the way we work?
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Alumnus Mike Sutcliff, MSM 1987, the group chief executive of Accenture Digital.
Alumni Profile: Degrees in Science and Business Are Winning Combination for Accenture's Sutcliff
As digital technology links things together in useful ways, it often imparts a high level of systemic complexity. This means that developing answers to difficult problems requires a new way of thinking, according to Georgia Tech alumnus Mike Sutcliff, the group chief executive of Accenture Digital, who holds a master’s in management from Scheller College of Business.
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Jennifer Carson Marr, assistant professor of organizational behavior
Faculty Profile: Jennifer Carson Marr Studies Career Setbacks and Comebacks
Jennifer Carson Marr admits that she had a naive view of what it takes to make it to the top in the corporate world when she first began her career.
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Seletha Butler, assistant professor of law and ethics
Scheller Professors Receive Numerous Honors
Widely recognized for excellence in teaching and research, faculty members of Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business continue to raise the business school's profile through their professional activities and honors.
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Joe Evans, IM 1971, has been a long-time supporter of Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. He is chairman and CEO of Atlanta-based State Bank Financial Corp. and its operating subsidiary, State Bank and Trust
Alumni Profile: Joseph W. Evans Boosting Value of Tech's Business Degrees
Joe Evans wasn't sent to college to discover the meaning of life or to "find himself." He was sent to college for one primary reason: "to make myself employable," the 1971 industrial management graduate says matter-of-factly.
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Karie Davis-Nozemack, assistant professor of law and ethics
Faculty Profile: Tax Law Expert Davis-Nozemack Shifts Focus from Clients to Students
Some university professors follow a direct route to their positions: undergraduate degree, doctoral degree, assistant professor, and so on. Other professors come to teaching in a more circuitous route—via other careers—and often use these varied experiences to inform their teaching. Karie Davis-Nozemack is one such professor.
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