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Registration Permit Requests

Are you an undergraduate student seeking a permit into an undergraduate business class?

Fill out the form below to request a permit into undergraduate business courses. Please read the following regulations before submitting your requests. You will be contacted before the end of the registration period.

  • Completing this form does not guarantee a permit into the requested course(s). Students should have a compelling reason as to why they need the course and were not able to register for it. Most requests will not be granted.
  • Students should make sure they are on the waitlist for the requested course(s).
  • This form is only concerned with undergraduate business courses (ACCT 2101, ACCT 2102 and MGT courses below the 5000 level). Students should contact the correct department or office for permits to courses outside of this group of courses.
  • Prerequisites are not waived unless the student has successfully completed an acceptable substitute or equivalent course. You can see prerequisites in the GT Course Catalog
  • Students should NOT contact faculty for permits into a course. An individual faculty member does not have the authority to waive prerequisites or grant an overload.
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