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MD/MBA Dual Degree

Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business and Morehouse School of Medicine have partnered to offer a dual degree Doctor of Medicine/Master of Business Administration program. Morehouse MD students who wish to pursue a healthcare management career or engage in bio-technology focused entrepreneurial activities, in addition to the practice of medicine, are well-suited for the MD/MBA.

MD/MBA students take 39 credit hours at Georgia Tech and transfer 15 credits of specific courses from the MD program at Morehouse School of Medicine to complete the 54-credit hour MBA curriculum at Georgia Tech. With a higher course load per semester than those who pursue a single degree, students can complete both the MD and the MBA degrees in five years. 

Morehouse School of Medicine students must apply to and be accepted by the Scheller College MBA Admissions Office.


Students who are enrolled in the MD program at Morehouse School of Medicine are eligible to apply to Scheller College. Students admitted into the MD program at Morehouse School of Medicine can apply at any time prior to the end of their second year in the MD program. Admission to the MBA program is competitive and will depend on academic background, career goals, fit with the MBA program, test scores, application essays, and leadership potential.

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Program Structure

During the first three years, students will take MD courses at Morehouse School of Medicine. During the fourth year, students will take 39 credit hours of MBA courses at the Scheller College of Business. During their fifth year, students will primarily take courses at Morehouse School of Medicine and may take a few courses at Georgia Tech to complete the MBA requirements.

Sequence of MD/MBA Courses
GT Credits
Years 1 through 3 Students take courses only at Morehouse School of Medicine in the MD program. 0 credits
4th year Fall Semester MBA Core courses
MGT 6510 Leadership Development (Evening section)
15 credits
1.5 credits
16.5 credits
4th year Spring Semester MBA Core courses
MBA Electives
4.2 credits
12 credits
16.5 credits
4th Year Summer Semester MBA Electives (Evening sections) 6 credits
5th Year Option to complete MBA requirements if needed
TOTAL 39 Credits
Application/Admissions Process

In addition to submitting the standard online MBA application, the MBA admission process will include an in-person interview. MD students may submit MCAT scores (in lieu of GMAT/GRE scores) for admission. MD students can apply by any of the Full-time MBA deadlines; however, by applying in Round 1 or Round 2, applicants maximize their chances for consideration of merit-based scholarships.

Full-time MBA application requirements and deadlines


During the first 3 years of their MD program, students will be enrolled at Morehouse School of Medicine and will not be enrolled at Georgia Tech. During the 4th year, students will only be enrolled at Georgia Tech and will pay the applicable MBA tuition to Georgia Tech. During the fifth year, if students are enrolled at Georgia Tech to complete the MBA requirements, tuition and mandatory fees will be assessed by Georgia Tech based on the number of credits taken at Georgia Tech at the applicable full-time MBA per credit hour rate.

Please note that the tuition rates can change each academic year so you should check the website noted above to confirm tuition for each term of MBA program enrollment.