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CHARGE Leadership Program

Through academic coursework, co-curricular programming and experiential activities, CHARGE provides frameworks, strategies and techniques that aim to develop principled leaders who exemplify respectful, confident behavior.



  • Help you build your personal leadership brand
  • Prepare you to make an immediate and positive impact at Scheller and in the workplace
  • Complement academic coursework with experiential opportunities
  • Learn how and when to leverage hard and soft skills
  • Develop talking points from leadership experiences for interviews
  • Establish a forum for peer and program recognition


4 Core Leadership Competencies

The capacity to know one’s self and others and the  ability to successfully build relationships and navigate social environments.

A man an a women having a conversationExperiential Learning Activities
  • Service Projects
  • Unconscious Bias Workshop
  • EQ Awareness Exercises
  • Reflection

The ability to effectively share and receive  information formally and informally throughinterpersonal, nonverbal, verbal, visual and written exchanges.

A group of office workers sitting around a conference tableExperiential Learning Activities
  • Improv Training
  • Storytelling Workshop
  • Business Communications
  • High Impact Consulting Workshop

The ability to produce a desired or intended result through collaboration in idea formation, process and execution.

Five graduate students forming a human pyramidExperiential Learning Activities
  • Team Charters
  • Team-Building Activities
  • Fostering Engagement through Club and Committee Involvement

The ability to persuade or convince others strategically and authentically to support an idea, agenda or direction.

A small group having a discussion in a conference roomExperiential Learning Activities
  • Peer Coaching & Mentoring
  • 360° Feedback
  • Guest Speakers
  • Student Leadership Positions


Go for the GOLD!

All Scheller MBA students are automatically enrolled in CHARGE.

By attending Scheller events and engaging in experiential learning activities, students earn points toward the four competencies.

As students earn points for each engagement they complete, they progress from white to navy to gold badge status.

Students who achieve GOLD status in all four competencies earn a Leadership Certificate that will be presented at their MBA graduation awards ceremony.