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TI:GER® Full time and Evening MBA FAQs

Can I take other immersive tracks while I'm in the TI:GER® Program?


Is TI:GER® a technology commercialization program?

TI:GER-- Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results -- is a technology innovation program. Although students do learn technology commercialization, technology innovation is much broader and much deeper, giving MBA students many more career options.

I heard that TI:GER® courses are extra -- that I take them in addition to the MBA curriculum. Is that true?

No. All TI:GER courses are electives, like all other electives, that count toward completion of your MBA degree.

Do TI:GER® courses require more work than other courses?

No. All TI:GER courses and labs, like all other MBA courses, award credit hours, and each credit hour is a standard unit.    

How do I apply to the TI:GER® Program?

Complete the application here.

Apply here

What are the application deadlines? And when do I get a decision?

The deadlines for TI:GER application submission are:

  • Early-decision deadline: June 1st

  • Final deadline: October 1st

You receive a decision with four weeks of the application deadline.

How does the TI:GER® program select applicants?

There is no formula for acceptance. We review the entire application, including work experience, academic achievement, and your written responses in the application.

Am I expected to start a company?

No. This is an educational program; however, some students have launched successful startups through the TI:GER program.

What are the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) and CDL-Atlanta?
Scheller’s Creative Destruction Lab (CDL-Atlanta) is a global milestone-based mentoring program for massively scalable science-based startups. The courses in the TI:GER program prepare MBA and PhD students to work with ventures in CDL from more than 75 countries. CDL-Atlanta is the only CDL program in the United States.
What is the connection between TI:GER and CDL-Atlanta?
The TI:GER program is the educational program for CDL-Atlanta.
I’d like to work with a CDL venture. Is the TI:GER program the only entry point for CDL-Atlanta?