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PhDs in Science, Engineering & Computing

PhD students are selected for the TI:GER® program based on academic excellence, interest in technology commercialization as a career alternative, and the potential commercial viability of their current research.

PhD candidates have typically completed the second year in their PhD program, passed their discipline qualifiers, and have selected a research topic. Applicants must be recommended by their academic advisors.

PhD students develop an awareness of innovation processes – particularly as they relate to the business and legal activities necessary to commercialize new technology.  While in TI:GER students develop skills that will help them succeed, whether they remain in a university environment as a researcher,  move into an industry setting, or start their own venture. Students learn how to work effectively in multi-disciplinary innovation teams regardless of the career setting.

Program Benefits
  • Early exposure of their technology to likely legal, business, and market issues so that adjustments in research directions or priorities are possible.
  • Information that helps increase the probability that the PhDs research will be both technically and market relevant.
  • A competitive advantage in the post-graduate job market.
  • Networking experience and exposure to leading business executives and professionals in the technology community.
  • Access to the TI:GER lab as a "hub" for students to gather for comradery, team meetings, brainstorming and to create an entrepreneurial culture.
  • 50% time Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA)  for PhD candidates while participating in the three core TI:GER courses.