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How do I apply to the TI:GER® Program? If I did not attend the Information Session, can I still apply?

Yes, if you did not attend the Information Session, you can still apply.

You can access the application from our admissions page.

How do you select applicants?
There is no set formula for acceptance and a variety of factors are considered. We review the application materials, including the strength of your faculty recommendations, type and stage of your research, and your ability to communicate how the program would benefit you.  If you pass this preliminary review, TI:GER faculty will schedule an interview with you and your advisor.
What do I need to do to prepare for the interview?

Typically, the Executive Director and founder of TI:GER, Dr. Marie Thursby and Margi Berbari, the TI:GER Program Director, will meet with you and your advisor in the TI:GER facility at Tech Square. It is beneficial to have a brief (10-15 minute) presentation and/or lab demo prepared in advance. They will talk with you about your career interests, your research and its application, your enthusiasm for technology innovation and entrepreneurship, etc.

Is financial support provided?

A half-time GRA is provided while enrolled in the TI:GER three core courses.

If I don't need funding, can I still get in?

Yes, if you have another source of funding and cannot accept the TI:GER fellowship, you are still eligible. However, your advisor must be supportive of your TI:GER time commitment away from the lab and the hands-on aspect of your research. 

At what stage does my research need to be?

We realize you are in the research/idea stage of product development. However, you do need to be far enough along (preferably the third year of your PhD program) that you have some ideas/knowledge of its application and potential benefits in the marketplace.

How will this benefit my research?
You will have the opportunity to gain a unique insight into the applicability and commercial impact of your technology while helping you solve relevant technical challenges. This can help direct your research into more useful directions, assist in writing more relevant papers and grant proposals, and provide invaluable experience for your future employment.
Am I expected to start a company as part of the program?

No, this is an educational program, although the program deliverables are based upon your research and its potential application. However, there are a few students who have started companies based on their research. This has worked particularly well when their advisor has an outside company which serves as a test bed or incubator for the PhD student’s research.

What is Emory University School of Law's role in the program?
This is a joint program between Georgia Tech and Emory University School of Law.  There are two law students on each interdisciplinary team.  Emory faculty is involved in teaching portions of the program, primarily intellectual property, contracts, licensing, and other law related topics.  Additionally, one half of the classes are held at the law school.
How long does the program last?

TI:GER has three core courses that are taken sequentially beginning in the fall. A 4th course, Principles of Management (MGT6753), is required if a certificate in technological innovation is desired.

What is my time commitment?
The TI:GER curriculum is at the graduate level and the course requirements are commensurate with most courses at this level. You should expect to spend on average 8-10 hours per week comprised of class time, team meetings, readings, and assignments. As with any course, the time will vary from week to week depending on the timing of your deliverables. For the most part, the additional hours will be focused toward the commercialization of your technology.
Are there any external/networking opportunities?
The TI:GER® program and staff have numerous contacts within the Atlanta technology community, including angel investors, serial entrepreneurs, and service providers in the marketing, finance and legal professions. These individuals serve as guest lecturers, team mentors, and on the TI:GER® Advisory Board. You also attend outside lectures sponsored by Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), Start-Up Lounge, Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) and others. TI:GER® teams are encouraged to enter Business Plan Competitions and are coached by TI:GER® faculty and mentors.