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What are the benefits of participating in TI:GER??
  1. Learn technology innovation during a program that spans three terms.
  2. Develop a broad and deep integration of the principles and practices of innovation.
  3. Understand technology innovation in for both corporate innovation and entrepreneurial ventures.
  4. Develop innovation skills in analysis, communications, design, and execution.
  5. Network.
  6. Differentiate yourself by completing a rigorous and long program in technology innovation.
What are TI:GER projects?

TI:GER projects come from many sources including university laboratories and global enterprises. Projects focus either on product or service innovation or on process innovation. Technologies and projects differ every year. Recent technology projects have included biotech, biomedical, communications technology, health care technology, information technology, material technology, robotics, and sensors.

How do I apply to the TI:GER program?

The MBA application includes an application to TI:GER, so you can apply to TI:GER when you apply to the MBA program. If you decide to apply to the TI:GER program after you have been admitted to the MBA program, or even after you have started taking courses in the MBA program, you can via the link below:

Apply to the TIGER program

Note the deadlines for application submission:

Early-decision deadline: April 15
Final deadline: October 31

How do you select applicants?

There is no set formula for acceptance and a variety of factors is considered. We review the entire application, including previous work experience and your statement of how you would benefit the program and how the program would benefit you.

When does the TI:GER program start? How long is the program? What does the curriculum include?

The TI:GER program begins in the Spring semester, continues in the Fall semester, and finishes with the Spring semester one year after the start of the program.

Learn more about the curriculum

What are the prerequisites for TI:GER?

All students must complete these core course before beginning the TI:GER program:

MGT 6000 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3 credit hours)
MGT 6500 Analytical Tools for Decisions (1.5 credit hours)
MGT 6504 Principles of Finance (1.5 credit hours)
MGT 6505 Marketing Management (1.5 credit hours)

All MBA students in the Full-time program take these courses in their first semester. MBA students in the Evening program must complete these courses before beginning the TI:GER program in a Spring semester.

What is my time commitment?

The TI:GER program requires you to spend at least 12 hours weekly on class preparation and attendance, field-study and other project assignments; and team meetings.

Who is on my team?

You decide your team and your project.

Am I expected to start a company as part of the program?

This is an educational program; however, some students have launched successful startups because of what they learned in the TIGER program.

Are there networking opportunities?

Through the TIGER program you can meet with investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and others in the Atlanta innovation community.

What is the role of Emory University’s School of Law?

TI:GER is a collaborative program Georgia Tech and Emory University School of Law. Law students and faculty from Emory assist you in learning important legal issues in intellectual property, contracts, and licenses.