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Program Updates

TI:GER® Hosts University of Munich (LMU) Students

As part of the grant from Georgia Tech's Fund for Innovation in Research and Innovation (GT FIRE), TI:GER® hosted a seminar in Atlanta for a group of PhD students and faculty.

As part of the grant from Georgia Tech's Fund for Innovation in Research and Innovation (GT FIRE), TI:GER® hosted a seminar in Atlanta for a group of PhD students and faculty.

The seminar included a kick off talk by Stephen Fleming, Georgia Tech Vice President of the Enterprise Innovation Institute,  a special session by Ricardo Shelley, Coke's Vice President of Corporate Strategy, and talks from local entrepreneurs.

Atlanta Technology Angels Holds Special Screening Session

As a capstone for the LMU seminar, the Atlanta Technology Angels (ATA) held a private special screening session for the combined TI:GER and LMU students. Not only did they observe two "pitches" and the following Q&A, but they were also privy to the reviewers' discussions on the viability of the companies' funding opportunity. "Quite a unique experience," commented an LMU student.

TI:GER® Teams Take Home Prizes at 2012 Business Plan Competition

TI:GER® team Tungo took home 2nd place ($3,000) and won the Product Showcase Award ($500) in Georgia Tech's Business Plan Competition.

Team members include Georgia Tech MBA students Michael Lindsay and Nikhil Kurian, Georgia Tech ECE PhD student Hangue Park, and Emory Law students Jake Greenberg and Steve Ferketic.

The Tongue Drive System has received national recognition from highly regarded media publications such as CNN, , the NY Times and more.

Cardiam won the Most Innovative Award (worth $10,000 in legal, financial, and other services) for its technology that aims to help physicians determine the proper drug and dosage for patients suffering from cardiac diseases.

Cardiam also qualified and participated as a semi-finalist in the highly selective New Ventures Competition in Portland, Oregon in April.

Team members include Melissa Li, PhD student in biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech, Tom Ausman and Daniel Ng, both Georgia Tech MBA students, and Jesse David and Lance Hochhauser, Emory Law students.

Foundation Capital Chooses TI:GER MBA for Young Entrepreneur Program

Congratulations to Heather Yi, TI:GER MBA 2013, who was selected as one of the 10 university representatives  in Foundation Capital's Young Entrepreneur Program.

Heather is charged with scouting Georgia Tech's labs and the Atlanta technology community for promising technologies and projects for Foundation investments. She replaced David Kolb, TI:GER MBA 2011, who was a member of last year's charter group.

Congratulations 2012 TI:GER® Graduates

PhD (Georgia Tech)
Chris Lee, PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech
Mike Smith PhD, Chemistry, Georgia Tech
MBA (Georgia Tech)
Tom Ausman
Mono Choudhury
Gary Ghormley
Priyanka Mahalanabis
Eric Medin
Daniel Ng
Chris Palazzola
Praveen Rajasekar
JD (Emory)
Hana Anderson
Brian Batchelor
Franklin Chu
Natalie Dana
Jesse David
Donnalee Donaldson
Rachel Berube Geist
Lance Hochhauser

Alumni Spotlight on Commercialization

Third Annual Alumni Reunion

Preston Galle (PhD 2009) is now working as a "Characterization Engineer" at SiTime, a startup in California, that develop MEMS-based designs for all modern electronic devices. His multidisciplinary engineering position is a majority of the experimental work required to successfully commercialize their designs.

Blake Perdue (MBA 2009) is living in Raleigh, NC and has started a company called . He raised an angel round and is currently negotiating an acquisition offer.

Jordan Scott (MBA 2009) founded a new web services company, , and secured seed funding from an investor/incubator in Tokyo. Their looking for contact help to ramp up and launch soon.

Lee Childers (PhD 2011) is in the midst of a prosthetic residency at Hanger Clinic where he works on vetting new ideas in the prosthetics market.


Sentrinsic Sponsors TI:GER®/LMU Team


Sentrinsic's COO and T:GER alum (MBA 2006) sponsored a team this spring; the joint TI:GER and LMU team is assisting on strategy for Sentrinsic's new product line, EquipCodes.

The codes are intelligent equipment tags that manufacturers and distributors attach to the products they sell.

Customers scan EquipCodes with their smartphones or tablets to gain mobile access to product information (manuals, troubleshooting guides, training videos, etc.), replacement part re-order capabilities, and enhanced customer service options.

Accelereyes Launches Arrayfire


Continuing on its profitable growth path, AccelerEyes has expanded its business to include a new acceleration software product, ArrayFire, and to include a services division helping large firms make their code run faster.

Syzygy Running at Fast Pace


TI:GER alums Walter Voit (PhD 2009) and Brent Duncan (MBA 2009) of Syzygy have filed a new patent, hired employees, started demonstrations to potential distributors, and received a Series A round of funding that brings their total funding to $2M.

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