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Georgia Tech TIGER alumni, Nate Frank and Mike Weiler, co-founders of LymphaTech
Georgia Tech TIGER alumni, Nate Frank and Mike Weiler, co-founders of LymphaTech

LymphaTech TI:GER team co-founders, Nate Frank and Mike Weiler, announce strategic partnership with medi®, one of the leading medical compression garment manufacturers

Georgia Tech alumni Nate Frank and Mike Weiler, co-founders of LymphaTech, announced their partnership with medi® to launch medi vision, a new compression garment measuring experience that creates a fast and accurate digital scan for patients affected by edema and other conditions requiring medical compression. LymphaTech and medi® made the announcement at the National Lymphedema Network conference in Boston, MA, on October 25, 2019.

Mike Weiler and Nate Frank met in 2012 while participating in the Georgia Tech TI:GER® (Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results) program. Mike was a PhD student in Bioengineering while Nate was an MBA student. They teamed up and started to develop a technology innovation with Mike’s invention.

“This is a great success story” says Margi Berbari, former TI:GER® director. “The current LymphaTech team is the original TI:GER® team of MBA and PhD students,  and they are employing the technology innovation they developed in the TIGER® program.”

The TI:GER® curriculum enabled us to perform the initial market assessments and identify the opportunity within the industry.

Mike Weiler — TI:GER® alumni and co-founder of LymphaTech

“The TI:GER® curriculum enabled us to perform the initial market assessments and identify the opportunity within the industry. Our business model today is similar to the business model canvas that we developed during TI:GER®. We have continued to make improvements to the technology, but our original product-market fit and market segmentation still accurately reflect our business” says Mike.

When Nate and Mike developed this technology, they had to generate convincing clinical data to gain partnerships and sales. They partnered with a research group from Washington University in St. Louis that participated with several other organizations including the Task Force for Global Health and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Nate and Mike conducted their first field study at a lymphedema clinic in Sri Lanka where they completed a comprehensive measurement validation study collecting data necessary to develop partnerships in the US.

Edema is the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, which may arise from a variety of conditions including diseases of the blood vasculature and the lymphatic system. One of the main treatments for edema is the application of medical compression garments, which can take the form of standardized, ready-to-wear garments and custom-made garments. Medi® is one of the industry leaders in medical compression, providing a wide array of medical compression garments targeting venous and lymphatic conditions, while also providing orthopedic products as a worldwide leader in orthopedic bracing.

­LymphaTech’s core technology is a hand-held clinical tool for mobile 3D measuring that provides fast, accurate and reliable human body imaging and measurements. In only 60 seconds, the LymphaTech software generates a full 3D model of the limbs with limb volume and circumference measurement outputs. These measurements enable a high-resolution assessment of the geometry of the limb, which can be useful for single timepoint measurements and longitudinal tracking over time.

The partnership between LymphaTech and medi® and the launch of medi vision is the first commercial implementation of a hand-held, high-resolution 3D scanning specifically utilized for sizing and fitting compression garments. Medi vision utilizes a custom version of the LymphaTech 3D measuring software that is optimized to automatically generate the measurements specific for medi® compression garments. The platform then allows the measurements to be directly sent to the medi® custom E-shop for immediate garment ordering and product configuration.

“Until now, compression garments were measured with a standard tailor's tape measure, which is time consuming and is prone to significant measurement error. The synergy of our 3D measuring system applied to optimize the compression garment fitting process is clear - the more accurate the measurement, the better fitting and performing garment. The result is a faster and more reliable measuring process leading to a better fitting, more effective compression garment,” says Nate Frank, Co-founder at LymphaTech and TI:GER® MBA 2014 alumnus.

medi® compression garments
LymphaTech 3D technology for medi® compression garments

The current LymphaTech device can be used widely for measuring and monitoring human body geometry. Applications include physical therapy, vein diseases, lung care, orthopedics, and for monitoring the recovery after ACL surgeries. Nate and Mike plan to expand use of LymphaTech innovations across multiple brands to better penetrate the multiple markets.

­­With the partnership between LymphaTech and medi®, patients will have a faster, more efficient, and easier fitting experience. Medi vision blends the measurement of the garment with the ordering process simultaneously. Utilizing the LymphaTech technology, medi® will have new marketing power as they promote the tech-enabled solution and streamline the “from measurement to product order” process that will result in a quicker final product that’s accurate from the start. This partnership currently operates in the USA and Germany but will expand to more countries in the near future.


About LymphaTech:
LymphaTech is a startup based in Atlanta, Georgia, which specializes in software for human body measurement. Georgia Tech Bioengineering PhD Mike Weiler is the co-founder and CEO, and Georgia Tech MBA Nate Frank is the co-founder and COO.

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About Georgia Tech TI:GER®:
TI:GER®, which stands for Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results, is an immersive track in Strategy and Innovation. It combines classroom instruction, innovation projects, team activities, and real-world experience. Students in the TI:GER® MBA program work with PhD students from Georgia Tech’s engineering, computing, and science colleges and JD students from Emory University’s law school to translate ideas into successful technology innovations. Student teams learn from faculty, a vast network of industry mentors – including more than 600 TI:GER® alumni – and other experts while working on technology-innovation projects.

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About medi®:
medi® USA is a medical products and technologies company focused on compression therapies for chronic medical conditions, athletic performance and fashion. The company is owned by medi GmbH & Co. KG, a leading manufacturer of medical aids, sports textiles and fashion products that combine precision effectiveness with maximum comfort. The corporate headquarters resides in Bayreuth, Germany. The company employs more than 2,400 people, manufactures product in two plants (Germany and the US), has branch offices in 19 countries, and exports product to more than 90 countries around the world.

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