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and CDL-Atlanta

and CDL-Atlanta

In 16 months, transform your career…and your life.
An immersive track in Strategy and Innovation, TI:GER (Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results) is a unique, transdisciplinary program that has prepared MBA students for careers in technology innovation since 2002.

TI:GER combines classroom instruction, innovation projects, group activities, and real-world experience into a total, immersive, practical education throughout three terms of the MBA program.

For students whose objective is to become technology innovators – in early-stage high-growth ventures, in consultancies, or in corporate positions in finance, marketing, operations, or strategy – the TI:GER experience provides essential skills, tacit knowledge, and networks for success.

MBA students in the TI:GER program work with PhD students from Georgia Tech’s engineering, computing, and science colleges to translate ideas into successful technology innovations. Students learn from faculty, a vast network of industry mentors – including more than 700 TI:GER alumni – and other experts while working on technology-innovation projects.


TI:GER is the educational program for the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL-Atlanta), which is a global milestone-based mentoring program for massively-scalable science-based startups. CDL-Atlanta is directed and operated from the Strategy and Innovation academic area at Scheller College. 

The curriculum in the TI:GER program prepares Georgia Tech MBA and PhD students to work with CDL-Atlanta startups.

For MBA and PhD students who want to work with CDL ventures, gaining admission to the TI:GER program and successfully completing the TI:GER courses in the first spring term are prerequisites to CDL-Atlanta participation in the second and third terms of the TI:GER program.

CDL-Atlanta and TI:GER

TI:GER students have benefitted from:
  1. A competitive advantage in getting jobs and advancing their careers.
  2. An active TI:GER network of corporate executives, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, lawyers, and TI:GER alumni.
  3. A global CDL network of mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate innovation executives, and other experts.
  4. A unique, immersive, transdisciplinary lab-to-market approach with proven results for nearly two decades.
  5. A collaborative work environment during three terms with top executives, entrepreneurs, and other experts who interact with students on their projects and their careers.
  6. A broad and deep integration of the principles and practices of technology innovation and strategy.
  7. A practical approach to technology innovation for both corporate innovation and entrepreneurial ventures, and consultancies.