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TI:GER Alumni Companies

TI:GER alumni have founded numerous companies either based on their own idea or their TI:GER team’s technology during the program or after graduation.


AlpZhi is commercializing an innovative lens manufacturing technology based on additive manufacturing. This technology will enable development of high performance compact optical systems for bio-medical devices, cell phone cameras, etc. AlphZhi was formed by Amit Jarawala, TI:GER 2010 graduate and PhD from Mechanical Engineering. Learn More



andareAndare Therapeutics (formerly GoNow) was cofounded in 2013 by Alex Zavorski, TI:GER MBA 2013, to commercialize Class III medical devices to help people, suffering from bladder, bowel, or sexual dysfunction, lead more normal lives. The company's efforts are related to the work and technology of Adam Boger, Ph.D., TI:GER JD 2013.

arrayfireArrayFire (formerly AccelerEyes) was founded in June 2007 to build simple software for powerful visual computing. ArrayFire is a blazing fast, hardware neutral, open source software library for GPU computing. Its easy-to-use API and array-based function set make GPU programming simple. A few lines of code in ArrayFire can replace dozens of lines of raw GPU code, saving valuable time and lowering development costs. The company is led by Dr. John Melonakos who completed the TI:GER program in 2008.    Learn More

diagnanoDiagNano is an early stage technology company focusing on in vitro diagnostics. The company was formed in 2006 in the TI:GER program based on technology developed at Emory University. The management team is led by CEO Brad Kairdolf, TI:GER PhD 2008 and PhD in Biomedical Engineering, co-inventor of the DiagNano proprietary coating technology. Learn More

equipcodesEquipCodes (formerly Sentrinsic) was founded in 2004 to commercialize patent-pending technology from Georgia Tech's Intelligent Machine Dynamics Lab. EquipCodes recently launched their newest product, a mobile customer engagement and analytics platform for equipment manufacturers. EquipCodes helps manufacturers increase sales and connect with their customers to learn who's using their products and how those products are being used. David Beck, co-founder and COO, is a 2005 MBA and TI:GER program graduate. Learn More

generalgenomicsGeneral Genomics exploits a novel evolutionary approach to engineer enzymes for the industrial, agricultural and biomedical markets. General Genomics' initial focus is engineering a protein therapeutic that treats gout and prevents tumor lysis syndrome. Later applications could include engineering proteins valuable to the industrial markets such as detergents, food/beverage processing, animal feed, crop production, biofuels and others. It is based on the TI:GER project research of James Kratzer, TI:GER graduate 2011 and PhD in biology. Learn More

lymphatechLymphaTech has created a diagnostic to prevent lymphedema, a debilitating disease that affects nearly 50% of all breast cancer survivors. The company formed in 2014 and It is based on a TI:GER project and team of Mike Weiler, TI:GER graduate 2014 from Biological Medical Engineering. The full TI:GER team is currently still involved and consists of Nate Frank (MBA 2014), Salim Vagh (MGA 2014), Robert Jones (JD 2014) and Jeff Adams (JD 2014).

rescourRescour helps commercial real estate professionals make better, more data-driven decisions by aggregating, visualizing and analyzing massive amounts of relevant data. Rescour was founded in 2013 by Jake Edens (TI:GER MBA 2014) during his participation in the TI:GER program. The company is currently a member of ATDC's "select group" housed in the incubator's facility at Tech Square.      Learn More

swampSwamp Optics has developed SEA TADPOLE, a device designed for measuring ultrashort laser pulses in real time. Much of the development was done by Dr. Pam Bowlan (TI:GER PhD 2009) during her participation in the TI:GER program. SEA TADPOLE made its  debut in 2010. Learn More

syzygySyzygy Memory Plastics designs and manufactures shape memory polymer-based products. The initial product launch is a self-softening earpiece made from a proprietary flexible shape memory polymer that fits snugly into the ear canal and interfaces with consumer audio electronics. Syzygy was founded as part of the TI:GER program in 2007 based on the technology of Walter Voit, TI:GER PhD in Materials Science and Engineering; he CEO is Brent Duncan, TI:GER MBA graduate 2009.  Learn More