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TI:GER Application Deadline

  • The application deadline is October 1st (for the cohort starting in January of the next year).

TI:GER® MBA Application

TI:GER® PhD Application

TI:GER was the deciding factor in my decision to enroll at Scheller for my MBA. The program helped me develop holistically, both personally and professionally. I not only learned to collaborate with PhD, JD, and MBA students but I also made lifelong friendships. I was always passionate about working in an intrapreneurial environment, and the TI:GER program curriculum taught me how to develop a start-up, design and develop a product, and talk to decision-makers to obtain the required funding and approvals to transform my visions into reality. I can confidently say that I have been successful in my career as a product manager at Amazon and Salesforce, largely in thanks to the TI:GER program at Georgia Tech.
- Ajaay Ravi - TI:GER class of 2017