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TI:GER teaches students that the main hurdles to commercializing research are seldom technology-related.

More often they involve legal issues and problems interfacing with the public and market.

TI:GER takes an interdisciplinary approach to surmounting those obstacles, assembling students who win acceptance into the highly competitive program into six member teams. These teams include three MBAs and two law students who focus on the commercialization of a PhD student’s research. Students from the science, engineering and computing disciplines at Georgia Tech are eligible to apply for TI:GER, which is housed at Georgia Tech College of Business.

TI:GER teams work together in the classroom and research lab to learn how to:

TI:GER students benefit from assigned business and legal mentors as well as meeting with industry representatives at biannual advisory board meetings. They also engage in consulting projects for startup companies associated with ATDC, Georgia's business incubator located at Georgia Tech. The program has received funding from a variety of sources including a National Science Foundation IGERT grant, the Alan and Mildred Peterson Foundation, the Warren Batts Endowment, the Donna and Richard Crutchfield Endowment, the Hal and John Smith Chair in Entrepreneurship, and others.

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