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In partnership with our Corporate Affiliates, the Denning T&M Program provides top undergraduate students the opportunity to become fluent in one another's disciplines and gain new perspectives through common coursework and close teamwork.

Graduates with these skills and experiences are in short supply at most universities and many businesses have to spend significant amounts of time and money to bridge the training gap for new employees.


Cross-Training Students

Admission to the Denning Technology & Management Program is highly competitive and is limited to 70 students per class. Students are excited about the program and recognize that their career paths will be strengthened if they possess a strong skill set in multiple disciplines. Students know that the Denning T&M Program sets them apart from graduates of other universities.

Ways Corporate Affiliates Participate
  • Serve as an external advisory panel to provide strategic guidance about the curriculum
  • Participate in extracurricular activities with students and faculty of the program
  • Support the program's continual improvement
  • Provide one yearly capstone project involving real business and engineering issues
  • Provide feedback regarding the effectiveness and relevance of the curriculum
  • Provide important ideas to facilitate the continual improvement of the program
  • Provide a business/customer relevancy check for program outcomes
Benefits to Corporate Affiliates
  • Sustained, regular contact with students in the program
  • Informal meetings with students through lunches, guest lectures, and site visits
  • Define goals for the program
  • Participate in discussions with Technology & Management Program faculty
  • Establish dialogues with the faculty regarding current management and technical issues
  • Receive recognition on the program's website and materials
  • Obtain innovative solutions to annual capstone projects