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Sustainability Fellows’ and Ambassadors’ Projects

Scheller College Graduate Sustainability Fellows and Undergraduate Sustainability Ambassadors deepen their engagement in environmental and social issues for business by working on projects. The following videos represent their project outcomes.

2019-2020 Sustainability Fellows and Ambassadors Projects 

Ambassador William Abdallah

Koura is a platform that connects consumers with socially conscious and sustainable companies. It provides incentive to users to purchase from these companies, decreases the time consumers waste researching the companies, and allows them to act as mini activists as they share their incentives with others to promote the brands they love.


Ambassadors Thiago Esslinger, Hanka Kirby, & Manuel Regalado

GreenEDU is an interactive website with education modules on general sustainability and Georgia Tech initiatives.

Patagonia - Waste Management
Ambassadors Achintya Arora & Sabrina Huang

The Georgia Tech Patagonia Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) team has been working on establishing tourism infrastructure in newly donated acres of private land in Chile, called the “Patagonia National Park.” A critical part of tourism in national parks is the management of waste generated by tourists. The Scheller College Undergraduate Sustainability Ambassadors team worked with the Patagonia VIP waste management team to research how waste management systems are funded and implemented in national parks.

Patagonia - Park Design for Ecotourism
Ambassador Angelica Acevedo & Fellow Shrinka Roy

The Georgia Tech Patagonia Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) team has been working on different parts of establishing tourism infrastructure in newly donated acres of private land in Chile, called the “Patagonia National Park.” The team identified the primary stakeholders (residents of Chile Chico, the Chilean government, and tourists) and their associated interactions.

Sustainable Local Food Supply Chains
Fellow Isabella Sanders

The project examines the reduction of miles traveled in local supply chains and researches the feasibility of the use of mobile hubs that can be relocated as necessary from day to day or within a day for local food consolidation and transport. Does this use of mobile hubs reduce the number of food miles and stops?

Economics of Biomass Cogeneration Plants
Fellow Valentina Sanmiguel

Biomass is a renewable source of energy that is comprised of organic material from plants and contains stored energy from the sun. It can be burned to release the chemical energy as heat, and the heat released can create steam or run a turbine in order to generate electricity. This project assesses the economic performance of four biomass cogeneration plants in Georgia using the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

CHARGE App + Sustainability Initiatives
Fellows Madison Bodiford & Rachel Firstman

CHARGE is an app utilized by Scheller College MBA students to track their engagement in the MBA program. Students receive points for completed activities, attended events, and completion of goals. The team added sustainability-related activities to CHARGE in order to generate greater awareness of and engagement with sustainability.

Ecolab Smart Water Navigator
Fellows Clotilde Bignard & Jennifer Telling

The Ecolab Smart Water navigator is a tool to assess water consumption in a facility. The goal is to assess water consumption at Scheller College and the Georgia Tech campus at large. This assessment will be used to highlight areas of improvement and make recommendations for improving sustainable water consumption in the future.

Carbon Reduction Challenge Commercialization
Fellow Junxiang Zhang

The project explores business models to fund the Georgia Tech Carbon Reduction Challenge program.

Innovation in Sustainability
Fellow Anne Webb

This project was a regional audit of incubators, accelerators, and innovation centers to produce a living database of potential partners (and their past clients) to give the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business visibility into the market and drive innovation for the College and business partners.

GT Carbon Pricing Stakeholder Analysis

Fellow Peter Nguyen

The project utilizes existing research by Alice Favero (School of Public Policy) to research the feasibility of implementing a carbon price at Georgia Tech.