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Patients in Kenya smile after receiving Mobility Carts donated by MedShare. (Courtesy Medshare)
Bridging Surplus with Need: Improving Healthcare in the Developing World
The onslaught of news about natural disasters has been inescapable of late. As we write this, we think of the inhabitants of Puerto Rico, many still without water or electricity weeks after devastation from Hurricane Maria in September.
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By Thomas Bledsoe
No Pain, No Gain: Training for the Long Game in Sustainable Business
On October 30th, David Rachelson, Vice President of Sustainability at Rubicon Global, spoke about how his company's "personal trainer model" to help customers reach zero waste.
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By Naveed Ahmad
2017 National Net Impact Conference: A First-Year MBA Student’s Path to Purpose
First year MBA Student's Impressions attending the 2017 Net Impact Conference
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By Priyank Arora
All Together Now: Sustainability Gains Momentum in Hospitality Industry
Throughout my education and career, I have continuously strived to feed the pro-social bent of my heart and mind.
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By Will Courrèges-Clercq (Pictured Right)
Go Big or Go Home: Serving as a Sustainability Ambassador at a Fortune 500 Company
Throughout my sustainability journey at Georgia Tech, which has included taking the sustainable systems and communities course and the sustainable consulting practicum, and starting Georgia Tech Solar Home (Solar Decathlon), I have found Professor Connell’s advice to valid. Most recently, I participated in the Summer 2017 Co-op and Internship Carbon Reduction Challenge and have once again found his advice valid.
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By Elizabeth Jang
Flying High with Purpose
A number of recent experiences have deepened my appreciation for the environment and have made me more aware of the importance of being a steward for the environment.
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By Fernando Icaza
Practical Ways to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
The Home Depot enhances its sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts each year by helping customers, suppliers, and business partners minimize their negative environmental impact.
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By Mario Wijaya
Unlocking Sustainability Through Analytics at SunTrust
This summer, the inaugural Co-op and Internship Carbon Reduction Challenge gave interns–holding a variety of positions within major corporations—the chance to learn what it takes to be a sustainability ambassador at their place of employment no matter what their job title might be.
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