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Blogger Amanda Grupp (foreground) climbs with classmate Abby Brenller at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama in April 2021.
Building Confidence through Camping: A Look Back on the Women in Business Retreat
When the pandemic hit, Amanda Grupp took to the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. In Spring 2021, she shared her passion for hiking and camping with peers in the Women in Business student group. In this blog, discover how the outdoor retreat helped Amanda and her fellow MBA students develop leadership skills.
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Sunny Gupta and Melissa Ting
Reports from the Future: A Close-Up on Sustainability Course Infusion
Sunny Gupta and Melissa Ting reflect on their award-winning project for Professor Eric Overby’s course, Analysis of Emerging Technologies. For their “Report from the Future,” they developed a scenario about the future of renewable energy in Austin. The project connects to UN Sustainable Development Goal #7: “affordable and clean energy.”
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Amanda Grupp
Striving for Diversity in Innovation and Business
Amanda Grupp is a Full-time MBA Candidate in her last semester at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. Prior to the MBA program, she worked at Kapost, a content marketing startup, where she built a Voice of the Customer Program. Amanda is passionate about learning what motivates people and building business solutions that meet consumer needs.
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Kjersti Lukens, 2019-20 YWCA Fellow.
Advocacy in Action: A Reflection on a Year of Serving as a YWCA Policy Advocate
What does it take to lobby and advocate effectively during Georgia’s general assembly session? Kjersti Lukens, the Center’s program support coordinator, had the opportunity to find out when she served as a 2019-20 Fellow with the YWCA’s Georgia Women’s Policy Initiative. In a new blog, Lukens reflects on a year of service, which included advocacy to eliminate Georgia’s state tax on menstruation products.
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Jacquie Smyth (MBA ’18)
From MBA Student to City of Atlanta Sustainability Ambassador: A Reflection from Jacquie Smyth (MBA ’18)
MBA student, Jacquie Smyth, reflects on her journey to becoming a sustainability ambassador.
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Stephen Spicher, MBA student
Building Social Equity Into the BeltLine: An MBA Student Reflects on a Year of AB67 Service
MBA student, Stephen Spicher, reflects on his journey to joining AB67 and his year of service with them.
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Almi Mansaray, undergraduate student
When Everything Clicks: An Undergraduate Reflection on Discovering Sustainability at Tech
Undergraduate student, Almi Mansaray, looks back on the past year of her life and charts the course of her discovery of sustainability at Georgia Tech.
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Shrinka Roy, MBA student
Consumption, Corporations, and the Supply Chain
On November 18, Sustainability Consultant Jeff Foote gave a talk at the Scheller College of Business at which Sustainability Fellow Shrinka Roy was enlightened by statistics Foote gave about waste in America.
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