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By: Marnie Harris, Mentor Program Coordinator, Excel Program
Sustainable Scheduling: Improving Lives, Boosting Productivity
As a Georgia Tech student, I quickly learned that an established routine was the fastest way to success. However, as Dr. Saravanan Kesavan pointed out in a talk on February 12th, the privilege of a routine should not be taken for granted.
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Research Brief: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): What are the Design Implications on Durable Products?
Sustainable Business Brief Series: Circular Economy Series
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By Braden Beaudreau, MBA Student
How Can Companies Take Ownership of Sustainability?
On February 21st, Bhattacharya talked about his research interviewing employees about making their employers more sustainable as part of the Business, Environment, and Society Speaker Series
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Patients in Kenya receive Mobility Carts donated by MedShare. Photo Credit: MedShare.
Research Brief: Operational Strategies to Match Surplus with Humanitarian Needs
Sustainable Business Brief Series: Circular Economy Series
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Rescuers work at the collapsed Rana Plaza building in Dhaka in 2013. Photograph: ZUMA/REX
Research Brief: How Did Markets React to the Rana Plaza Disaster?
Sustainable Business Brief Series: Social Performance and Human Right Series
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Patients in Kenya smile after receiving Mobility Carts donated by MedShare. (Courtesy Medshare)
Bridging Surplus with Need: Improving Healthcare in the Developing World
The onslaught of news about natural disasters has been inescapable of late. As we write this, we think of the inhabitants of Puerto Rico, many still without water or electricity weeks after devastation from Hurricane Maria in September.
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By Thomas Bledsoe
No Pain, No Gain: Training for the Long Game in Sustainable Business
On October 30th, David Rachelson, Vice President of Sustainability at Rubicon Global, spoke about how his company's "personal trainer model" to help customers reach zero waste.
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By Naveed Ahmad
2017 National Net Impact Conference: A First-Year MBA Student’s Path to Purpose
First year MBA Student's Impressions attending the 2017 Net Impact Conference
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