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by Victoria Dean
To Be Sustainable or Not To Be Sustainable: That Is the Question
Sustainability is one of the big buzzwords of today. Major corporations are constructing internal employee groups to help identify how they can make more sustainable decisions ...
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by Kate Berg
Making a Difference in Atlanta: A Vlog
Watch this spunky spin on Mailchimp Director of Corporate Citizenship Lain Shakespeare’s talk about corporate citizenship strategy. Kate Berg, Student Communications Assistant of the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at Scheller College of Business, interviews...
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Carbon Reduction Challenge first-place winner Casey Erb urges a new cohort of students to become sustainability ambassadors at companies where they are interning.
Losing Carbon to Win Big at Chick-fil-A
The best sustainability solutions bring cost savings and environmental benefits together. A company’s first responsibility is to keep the lights on. Forward-thinking companies are philanthropic and environmentally conscious, but they can’t be those things effectively without first being a profitable business...
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by Sammie Hardy
The Investor Perspective on Environmental Social Governance
Chris’ discussion of EY’s research and her personal perspective was inspiring for all of us young sustainably-minded students in the audience. To hear that a “Big Four” accounting and consulting firm is working with these issues first hand ...
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by William Abdallah
Working Together to Change the Way We Live
I expected Meyers would speak about how recycling plays a critical part in the circular economy, and was therefore drawn to attend through my work as an Undergraduate Sustainability Ambassador. What I could never have predicted was how inspired I would be after his talk to help drive our community (and world) toward changing the way we live ...
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Blais Hickey, MBA student
Don’t Take My Word for It
NI18 was an inspiring convergence of diverse students and professionals who are committed to working hard to improve business’s impact on the environment and to create a world where people are prioritized over profits. As a first-year MBA student who intends to build a career in sustainability, the opportunity to meet pioneers in the field and representatives from companies of all sizes was inspiring to say the least.
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Blais Hickey, MBA student
No Such Thing as “Away”: Remanufacturing Consumer Returns in the Circular Economy
Companies around the world are placing an increased importance upon improving their reverse supply chain and returns management. The talk with David Hogan provided more insight on this growing platform.
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Katherine Huded, MBA student
Painting a Better Picture: A Recap of the Net Impact 2018 Annual Conference
“Outside the Lines”–that was the framework through which Net Impact approached its annual conference (NI18), which was held this year from October 25th through 27th in Phoenix, Arizona. I don’t often give much weight to conference themes, but this year I found it meaningful in an untraditional way.
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