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By John Anderson Lanier
Location, Location, Location
All of this to say, carbon is not some enemy. It is a misplaced resource. And the opportunity for the business community to value drawdown as an investment, rather than view carbon reduction as a cost, is upon us.
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By Usayd Casewit
Solar Developer Business Model Emphasizes Local Community Engagement
On Monday April 10th, Georgia Tech’s Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business (Scheller College of Business) and the GT Energy Club welcomed Luke Wilkinson, Director of Business Development at Silicon Ranch, a solar energy developer with a growing presence in Georgia and around the country.
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By Eric May
Are We There Yet? The Long Journey Toward Climate Consensus
In “Climate Policy from Paris to Peachtree and Beyond” by Dan Rochberg, Chief Strategy Officer of the Climate@Emory initiative at Emory University, Daniel Rochberg, laid out the evolution of international climate negotiations over the past thirty years. It was a reminder of how far we’ve come. It was also a sobering reminder of how far we have to go.
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By Mark Jacobson
Economic Case for Energy Efficiency
Marilyn Brown, a professor in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech, 2007 co-recipient of the Nobel Prize, and co-founder of the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, made a strong case for the value of efficiency projects during her presentation “Selling Energy Efficiency in a Climate-Conscious World”. Her discussion highlighted the importance of educating consumers, businesses, and politicians about practical policy solutions that drive increased adoption of energy efficiency projects.
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By Dionne Nickerson
Sustainable Fashion: How Sustainability Claims Affect Consumer Attitudes towards Fashion Brands
Coming to Tech as a PhD student, I wanted to continue to explore these types of issues. Corporate social responsibility/sustainability was just a natural fit.
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By Beril Toktay
Sustainability-Driven Innovation
In the last two lectures in my Business Strategies for Sustainability MBA class, we played the Fishbanks simulation, originally developed by Professor Dennis Meadows, co-author of Limits to Growth (Chelsea Green, 1972). My students take the role of competing fishing companies seeking to maximize their net worth.
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By Jason Alcedo
Climate Changing the Status Quo
A primary reason I came to the Scheller College of Businesses was to widen my knowledge of the interaction between business and society. The Carbon-Conscious Business Speaker Series is one of many reasons that I am able to gain a deeper understanding of the business case for sustainability initiatives.
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By Michael Oxman
Reflections on Fall 2016 Sustainability Practicum
It was exhilarating to finish out my first semester at Scheller co-teaching (with Jay Cranman) our MBA Sustainable Business Practicum!
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