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Shrinka Roy, MBA student
Consumption, Corporations, and the Supply Chain
On November 18, Sustainability Consultant Jeff Foote gave a talk at the Scheller College of Business at which Sustainability Fellow Shrinka Roy was enlightened by statistics Foote gave about waste in America.
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Cassidy Martin, MBA student
A Remediation Story Brings Insight to Broad Sustainability Themes
On November 11, Kevin Sullivan, former director of environmental remediation for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), a large California utility company, gave a talk at the Scheller College of Business. Sullivan’s presentation focused on the Hinkley groundwater contamination disaster in the Southern California desert.
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Gwyn Rush
Working to Combat Energy Inequity in Atlanta: A Reflection on the 2019 Carbon Reduction Challenge
Atlanta is an “energy inequitable city,” meaning that benefits and burdens of energy consumption and production are not equitably distributed. In particular, low income households have a high energy burden. This means they pay a disproportionately high percentage (about 10%) of their income towards their utility bills. Of these households, many residents are people of color.
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Steve Carriere, MBA student
A Millennial’s Search for a Meaningful Career: Reflections From the 2019 National Net Impact Conference
This year, [Net Impact] offered me the chance to attend the national Net Impact conference in Detroit. The annual conference brings together educational and professional chapters, leaders and innovators in the sustainability space, and social entrepreneurs for workshops and presentations on how we can move the planet forward in a more sustainable way.
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Blais Hickey, MBA student
The Challenge of Incorporating Sustainability Into Corporate Strategy
The topic of climate change has been particularly charged recently. To name just a few newsworthy items of late: the UN’s Climate Change Summit took place on September 23, students around the world have been organizing climate strikes, and over 170 news outlets signed on to the Covering Climate Now project.
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Ella Stewart, EAS ’23, gets her book signed by author John Lanier.
Passion First, Influence Next: A Talk by John Lanier Strikes a Chord With First-Year Undergraduate
An inspiring book talk by John Lanier reminds our undergraduate blogger, Ella Stewart, that we have to use our best efforts to spread the message of sustainability. She writes, “It’s not just what we say but how we say it.”
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Center Faculty Director Beril Toktay
A Welcome Back Greeting From Our Faculty Director
We started this year with a lot of momentum! One month into the semester, we have celebrated the Third Annual Carbon Reduction Challenge, hosted the RCE Greater Atlanta book club talk on Mid-Course Correction: Revisited, picked our new cohort of MBA Fellows and Undergraduate Ambassadors, announced the Certificate in Sustainable Business (open to all Georgia Tech majors), and supported the launch of the University Global Compact (UGC), a collective impact initiative for universities committed to achieving sustainable development goals, hosted by Georgia Tech President Ángel Cabrera in New York.
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Dayna Grigsby, BSBA ’21
Don’t Just Sit There: Making a Plan to Tackle E-waste
Read how Dayna Grigsby turned a life passion for sustainability and environmental science into an experience with the 2019 Carbon Reduction Challenge with the intentions on impacting e-waste.
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