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We focus on educating tomorrow's business leaders, partnering with industry practitioners, and supporting high-impact research to accelerate the development of sustainable business practices.

Empowering the leaders of tomorrow to create sustainable businesses and communities.

The Center will work toward this vision in a manner that is unique to the diverse strengths of our Scheller College faculty, staff, students, and partners, as well as the technological prowess of the Institute.

Our mission is to enable sustainability-driven innovation and sustainability integration in business and education.

We create and share the knowledge that current and future leaders depend on to integrate sustainability into their organizations and beyond, and to drive innovation in business models, products, technologies, and governance. We lead by example with the educational content and experiences we develop for our students and partners. Finally, we catalyze and participate in multi-stakeholder networks to amplify our regional and national impact.

Sustainability-Driven Innovation

Leverage technologies, products, services, management practices, governance structures, and business models that advance economic growth and enhance human welfare.

Sustainability Integration

Facilitate enterprise-wide integration of sustainability to realize business value and to address the central environmental and social issues of our times.

The expertise of the Center’s affiliated faculty, our educational programming, and our focus on industry engagement help us to advance sustainable business through innovation and enterprise-wide integration of environmental and social topics. We conduct our work and partner with businesses across four major thematic areas:

Carbon-Conscious Business

We focus on developing strategies to mitigate carbon emissions throughout organizations and supply chains.

Circular Economy

We support a shift from a linear system (i.e., take resources from the earth > make products > dispose as waste) to a circular model that makes possible the indefinite lifespan of products—from design and production through refurbishment and reuse.

Social Performance and Human Rights

We incorporate social dimensions and related frameworks on topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as human rights to ensure positive business impacts and benefits for stakeholders.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Leadership

We build on investor and industry momentum that recognizes the importance of managing ESG issues, risks, and opportunities for people, the planet, and profit.

The Center (originally the Center for Business Strategies for Sustainability) launched at Scheller College in 2013 with support from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, the Kendeda Fund, and Scheller College leadership. It was founded upon the desire to accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable business practices through educational programs, high-impact research, and industry engagement. In January 2015, after receiving a $5 million commitment from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, the Center was named to honor sustainable business visionary and Georgia Tech alumnus Ray C. Anderson (IE ’56, Honorary PhD ’11).

After graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in industrial engineering, Ray C. Anderson started a career in textiles. In 1973, he founded his company, Interface. It eventually become the world’s largest manufacturer of modular floor coverings.

By 1994, Interface was successful by every business metric. However, when asked what Interface was doing for the environment, Ray was unsatisfied with a response limited to regulation and compliance. He sought inspiration and guidance from the book, The Ecology of Commerce, where he encountered Paul Hawken’s assertion that industry is both the sector responsible for the greatest amount of environmental harm as well as the only sector with the necessary size and capital to turn things around. Hawken’s words led to a “spear in the chest” moment for Ray. From that moment, he committed the rest of his life to making Interface a breakthrough leader in corporate sustainability and to advocating for a paradigm shift in business thinking.

Ray believed fundamentally that when done right, business can be a force for good in the world. We are honored to continue his legacy by educating “the Ray C. Andersons of tomorrow.”

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We are located in the Scheller College of Business in Suite 4426 (4th floor).

800 West Peachtree Street N.W., Suite 4426
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