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Institute For Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Minor in Leadership Studies

There are three tracks in the program: Business, offered through the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship at the Scheller College of Business, Global Engineering, offered through the College of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Public Policy, offered through the School of Public Policy at the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

For more information on the other tracks, please click here:

The Business track is administered by the ILE and is open to all majors and is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of leadership theory, skills, and practical experience through a rigorous, multi-disciplinary program of study. It requires 15 hours of course work.

Included in the coursework for the Business track is a "capstone course" where students working in small interdisciplinary teams apply their knowledge and skills towards designing a business solution for an organization. 

Eligibility and Requirements

To be enrolled in the Leadership Minor program, you must have

  • Completed 30 credit hours;
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater;
  • Completed a formal application to the program and have been admitted to the program

Questions? Please contact our Minor in Leadership Studies staff at  or 404-385-0854.

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Program Structure and Coursework (BusinessTrack)

Note that this page describes the requirements for the Business track of the Leadership Minor. Students interested in the Public Policy track should go to this page instead.  

Required Courses

PUBP 4140 - Foundations of Leadership, 3 credit hours.

MGT 4611 - Integrative Management Analysis, 3 credit hours.

Elective Courses

You will need to take at least three elective courses from the list below, for a total of at least nine credits.

Course Number

Course Name


MGT 3101 Organizational Behavior*


MGT 3103 Leadership - Changing Environments**

MGT 3101 - Organizational Behavior OR MGT 3102 - Management of Human Resources OR MGT 3150 - Principles of Management 

MGT 3150

Principles of Management*


MGT 3662 Management in the Healthcare Sector


MGT 4072 Entrepreneurial Finance** 

MGT 3062 - Financial Management OR MGT 3078 - Finance and Investments

MGT 4102 Management Consulting**

MGT 3101 - Organizational Behavior OR MGT 3150 - Principles of Management 

MGT 4116 Gender & Ethnicity


MGT 4117 Global Workforce Management

MGT 3102 – Management of Human Resources or MGT 3150 – Principles of Management

MGT 4119 Leading Teams**

MGT 3101- Organizational Behavior or MGT 3150 – Principles of Management

MGT 4191 Entrepreneurship Forum*


MGT 4192 IMPACT Forum*


MGT 4193 Servant Leadership, Values, and Systems


MGT 4194 Social Entrepreneurship


MGT 4670 Entrepreneurship**

MGT 3101 - Organizational Behavior or MGT 3150 - Principles of Management

MGT 4803 Motivation and Rewards**

MGT 3101 - Organizational Behavior OR MGT 3102 - Management of Human Resources

MGT 4803 Corporate Governance**

MGT 2106 - Legal Aspects of Business 

MGT 4803 Business Fundamentals for Social Entrepreneurs***

*Currently available only to participants of the Eastern Europe Study Abroad Program*

*  Students electing the Management Track can use either MGT 4191 or 4192, but not both.

* Students electing the Management Track can use either MGT 3101 or 3150, but not both.

** These courses require the completion of pre-requisites. Please check OSCAR for up to date information.

***  Students enrolled in the Eastern Europe Summer Study Abroad Program will receive credit towards the management track of the minor for the 9 credit hours that they complete as part of that program. 

Required Leadership Capstone Course

Each student in the Management track must complete the Capstone course, MGT 4611 – Integrative Management Analysis (3 hours), which includes a project assigned to him/her by the course faculty.

More Information about the Capstone Course

Grade Requirements

Students must earn a grade of C or higher for any course that is applied to the completion of the requirements for the minor. Overall, a student's GPA for all the minor courses averaged together must be 2.75 or higher.

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