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Leadership Minor Capstone Course

Testing What You Have Learned

The capstone course is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and to test competencies that they have gained through their other courses in the minor in leadership studies.

It is designed as an experiential exercise of leadership in a project-based setting. Each semester, the course instructor will identify projects that are appropriate for the course and will facilitate student access to relevant local governmental, non-profit, social enterprise or hybrid organizations. Students will work in interdisciplinary teams, to address the identified challenge of the organization to which they are assigned and will design a ‘context specific’ solution to address this challenge.

During the semester, teams will visit or work at the organization approximately once a week or more (depending on the scope and stage of the project and other such factors), meet with organizational leaders to understand the organization and its needs; to assess project milestones and/or seek additional resources and input for the project. All teams will also make presentations to their classmates at multiple points through the semester to share and discuss the progress of their project. 

Archive of Past Capstone Projects