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Capstone Projects 2013-14

Fall 2013

Centers for Disease Control, Office of Violence Prevention - Increase the Business Community’s Awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences

The Georgia Tech team partnered with the Office of Violence Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control to develop tools and mechanisms to increase awareness within the business community of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their impact on employees, organizations, and communities. The team developed an infographic and a video explaining what ACEs are, how they affect businesses; providing examples of programs and initiatives that could be implemented to mitigate and/or prevent ACEs and increase safe, sustainable and nurturing relationships (SSNRs). These tools were intended to serve as a conversation starter to engage businesses in understanding the impact of ACEs and motivating them to consider developing and implementing programs to promote SSNRs within their organizations and communities that are in line with their mission and values.  

View the project video for Centers for Disease Control, Office of Violence Prevention - Increase the Business Community’s Awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Developing an Outreach Program to Promote E-Recycling Behavior Among K-12 Students 

Recycling has become a norm in society. However, recycling electronics is still a relatively new phenomenon. As electronics become increasingly ubiquitous, it becomes more imperative that they be disposed off properly once they have approached the end of their utility. The Georgia Tech team partnered with Reworx, a social enterprise that provides jobs for people with disabilities and other life challenges through recycling electronics. The goal of the project was to develop a program to educate K-12 students about the impacts of E-recycling. The team chose to implement an E-Recycling Awareness Campaign among middle school students (grades 6-8) at The Walker School, a private school based in Cobb County. The campaign was conducted in partnership with the Environmental Club at the school and included a site visit to Reworx for club members to get a first hand glimpse at the process involved in recycling electronics. The site visit was followed by a demonstration and presentation about E-Recycling by the leadership of the environmental club to the rest of their peers in grades 6-8 at the Walker School.  

The campaign culminated in a 3-week electronics collection drive that resulted in the collection of over 180 pounds of electronics for recycling. This project has demonstrated that it is scalable as it has garnered the attention of other schools in the area that have expressed an interest in partnering with Reworx to implement similar programs at their own schools.  

View the project video for Developing an Outreach Program to Promote E-Recycling Behavior Among K-12 Students

Spring 2014

Camp Twin Lakes (CTL) – Outreach Program to Advance the CTL Mission of Promoting Leadership, Service and Sustainability.

Camp Twin Lakes (CTL) provides summer camp experiences to children with serious illnesses and other life challenges, thus enabling them to grow in their confidence and capabilities. The Georgia Tech team was charged with creating a program to promote CTL’s mission and expand the use of their camps and facilities to students (elementary through high school) in metro-Atlanta private schools during the regular school year. The cross-disciplinary team of three students developed a curriculum focused on leadership, service and sustainability – issues that are fundamental to CTL’s mission as well as crucial to many schools in providing comprehensive education to their students. The team developed the curriculum and plans through collaborative work with the leadership and staff at CTL; by reviewing secondary sources (such as websites of schools; by examining curricula and pedagogical techniques used in schools); and through primary research (such as interviews with key informants from several schools). Next, they presented their proposal to several heads of schools in the metro area leading to three schools already exploring partnerships with CTL to implement new educational programs for their students and several schools exploring ways to build this into their existing educational programs around leadership, service and sustainability.

View Project Video for Camp Twin Lakes (CTL) – Outreach Program 

Points of Light (PoL) – Market Research and Landscape Analysis for PoL’s Civic Accelerator

Points of Light is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to promote social change through volunteerism and civic engagement. They do this through programs like Hands On Atlanta and the United States' first Civic Accelerator, a ‘boot camp’ and incubator for seed-stage social ventures. In the Civic Accelerator Program, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to refine their business model via educational workshops, mentoring, and networking. The Georgia Tech team was asked to conduct a landscape analysis of the civic accelerator market in the United States. The main objectives of the landscape analysis were to identify opportunities for growth, potential partnerships, and to formulate recommendations for the Civic Accelerator to maximize its impact in different regions of the United States. Through focused and intensive research over the course of the semester, the team developed three main deliverables for PoL: a dynamic tool that generates "entrepreneurship-scores (or e-scores)" for each state based on quantitative metrics surrounding entrepreneurship and civic engagement; a highlight reel of state snapshots and recommendations for future growth and potential partnerships, and a compendium of pertinent qualitative data about each state. PoL has expressed that these tools and models will provide crucial insights into markets around the nation as they broaden and deepen the Civic Accelerator’s programmatic reach.

View the project video for Points of Light (PoL) – Market Research and Landscape Analysis

MedShare - Social Impact Assessment Framework and Plan

MedShare is a medical surplus collection and redistribution organization (MSRO). MedShare recently went through a strategic planning process to commemorate fifteen years since their founding and to make plans for near and long-term future and growth. One of the recommendations that arose from the strategic planning process was for MedShare to put in place a robust program to assess their social impact on a global scale. The Georgia Tech team was charged with this task. Through a close examination of the best practices at other non-profits - MSRO’s in particular; a comprehensive literature review in the area of impact assessment; and through interviews with professionals in the field; the team developed a framework and evidence-based recommendations for MedShare to redesign and refocus their current impact assessment methodologies and to put in place more robust mechanisms for the future. The team determined that through rigorous and ongoing data collection around impact assessment, MedShare will see several organizational benefits in the near and longer term future. These benefits include establishment of quantitative and qualitative performance tracking measures; enhanced accountability to their donors and other stakeholders; increased learning opportunities that can result in organizational growth and innovation.

View the project video for MedShare - Social Impact Assessment Framework and Plan here