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How the Competition Works

First fill out the Forms: To register for the competition, all team members must complete the Intent to Compete Form, requiring a brief project summary. Refer to the calendar for deadlines. Download the video and photography consent form here

Next, create a video and Executive Summary. The first round of I2S will be conducted virtually. Teams must submit executive summaries and video pitches for review in this round. Judges will then evaluate the entries based on these materials and select the finalists. Please read the formatting requirements for these deliverables.  Please submit your Executive Summary and Video links .

After the preliminary round, teams will be notified whether or not they have been selected as finalists. All teams will receive written feedback from the judges. Finalist teams are encouraged to incorporate this feedback and submit updated Executive Summaries for the second-round judging. Revised executive summaries must be received by the deadline at 6:00pm. (Note: if a revised executive summary is not received by this time, the original submission will be sent to the finals judges.)

In the final round, all teams will participate in a Poster Showcase Event. At this event, finalist teams in both early and advanced stage tracks compete for the top prizes, while all teams (finalists and others) compete for “specialty prizes.” At the poster showcase, the audience, including judges and guests, will circulate and listen to team pitches (posters will serve as visual aids during the pitches.) Judges will review each project and ask follow-up questions from the team members present. There will also be a public “pitch off” competition to determine the People’s Choice Award winner, so teams should come prepared with a polished elevator pitch.

At the culmination of the Poster Showcase, judges will determine the prize winners and all awards will be announced that evening.

Instructions, Templates, and Forms
Intent to Compete Form
Other Resources for Competitors

Formatting and Content Requirements for Competition Documents: This document provides detailed instructions for participants regarding required content and formatting for the video pitch, the executive summary, the poster, and the finals presentation.

Ideas to Serve: Getting Started:  This file contains basic information about the competition, including: purpose and goals, deadlines, eligibility requirements, judging criteria, and workshop topics and dates. In addition, it includes links to resources at Georgia Tech that may be available to participants, as well as links to outside resources that may be helpful to aspiring social entrepreneurs.

Ideas to Serve Competition Handout:  This two-page handout contains basic information about the competition. It can be a valuable tool for participants and others who seek to explain the competition to others (e.g. potential teammates, mentors.)

Dates and Deadlines Checklist:  Participants can use this checklist (coming soon) to get organized and keep track of important dates and deadlines.

Mentoring Sign-Up Form:  Mentoring is available for all teams and individuals participating in the I2S Competition. Participants looking for expert help and valuable feedback on their projects can contact  to be connected to a mentor.

I2S and Other Georgia Tech Competitions:  I2S is one of several competitions at Georgia Tech that are intended to specifically encourage creativity in product design, the application of technology to the development of new products and services, and technology entrepreneurship. If you have been a participant in, or considered participating in, any other student competition at Georgia Tech and would like more information on whether your idea and/or team is eligible for the I2S competition, please contact