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I2S 2021 Winners

The Ideas 2 Serve Competition would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors. Thank you to The Cecil B. Day Program for Business Ethics, Steven A. Denning Technology & Management Program, Center for International Business Education and Research, the Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain, Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, LEAD Program, Hands on Atlanta, Richard Hill, Innovation and Design Collaborative, Mosley Ventures, and Speechworks.

Full List of I2S Awardees

Problem Discovery Track 

Team: Jolie Fouts (BA),  Lyle Hoge (BA), Kayli Moody (INTA), and Janell Tanner (CS) 

Team: Mohit Pinninti (CE), Deanna Berg (ME), and Hiba Hazeem (IE)

Team: Jillian Brashear (BIO) and Raina Parikh (INTA & ML)

Honorable Mentions ($250)

Housing Tonight

Team: Zane Latess (BME), Joel Boggs (ME), and Shashank Amarnath (BA)


Team: Jodi Dowis (ME), Vinh Dong (ME), Ananya Ghose (IE), and Sanjana Rajavelu (ISYE)


Team: Juhi Nahata (BME), David Morales (ME), and Kelsey Abernathy (EAS)


Team: Elyssa-Christina Nassar (BA), Sidney Winfield (AE),  and Suvan Adhikari (CS)

Solution Discovery Track 

Team: Lauren Haggerty (ID)

Team: Francesca Sally (MBA)

Reflex led by Usman Jamal (CS), Nevin Gilbert (CS), Reed Blanchard (ME), Amelia Abernathy (BA), Akash Harapanahalli (CE), Lauryn Wright (BME)

Specialty Prizes 





Thank you to all of our teams for participating! You can find descriptions of teams and their video presentations on the Ideas to Serve Teams page.