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I2S 2021 Teams

Learn more about each team's problem statement and watch their video presentations!

Problem Discovery Track 
Anti-Hate at Georgia Tech

Team Members: Shannon Fraser (INTA) and Mahima Chander (CS)

Problem Statement: Looking at how Georgia Tech can protect youth from joining hate-groups.

Video Presentation:

Carrie's Closet

Team Members: McKensie Griffis (BA), Allyson Stout (MT), Bianca Mora (BA), 

Problem Statement:  Advocating for Georgia foster children's rights to resources.

Video Presentation:

Grove Park

Team Members: Scott Campbell (BA), Sanjit Kumar (CS), Sreenivas Yellayi (CBE)

Problem Statement: A systemic look at income inequality and gentrification in Atlanta.

Video Presentation:

Housing Tonight

Team Members: Zane Latess (BME), Joel Boggs (ME), and Shashank Amarnath (BA)

Problem Statement: Understanding the lack of affordable housing in the greater Atlanta area.

Video Presentation:


Team Members: Jodi Dowis (ME), Vinh Dong (ME), Ananya Ghose (IE), and Sanjana Rajavelu (ISYE)

Problem Statement:  Examining the lack of access to free public drinking water and sanitation in the view of the global water crisis.

Video Presentation:


Team Members: Mohit Pinninti (CE), Deanna Berg (ME), and Hiba Hazeem (IE)

Problem Statement: Changing the funding and financial services gaps for minority-owned businesses in Atlanta.

Video Presentation:

Pathways to Care in Reproductive Health

Team Members: Jillian Brashear (BIO) and Raina Parikh (INTA & ML), 

Problem Statement: How do current reproductive health pathways to care marginalize certain people and reinforce societal inequities.

Video Presentation:

Summer Slide

Team Members: Jolie Fouts (BA),  Lyle Hoge (BA), Kayli Moody (INTA), and Janell Tanner (CS)

Problem Statement: Understanding how to prevent the loss of learning that typically occurs during summer for the greater Atlanta area school systems.

Video Presentation:


Team Members: Kaylin Berinhout (ECON & INTA), Alyssa Horace (INTA), and Sarah Rincon (EE)

Problem Statement: Examining the role of institutionalized racism in how environmental pollution disproportionately affects communities of color.

Video Presentation:

The LIFE School

Team Members: Brady Bove (BME), Jose Pimentel (AE), Morgan Platt (ID)

Problem Statement:  Exploring alternative secondary education models and how they can scale.

Video Presentation:


Team Members: Juhi Nahata (BME), David Morales (ME), and Kelsey Abernathy (EAS)

Problem Statement: Activating the assets of the South Fulton community to foster decision-making for community well-being.

Video Presentation:


Team Members: Elyssa-Christina Nassar (BA), Sidney Winfield (AE),  and Suvan Adhikari (CS)

Problem Statement: Supporting digital literacy for farmers to improve their crop yield.

Video Presentation:

Solutions Track 
Georgia Tech Peer Advising and Wellness Service (GT PAWS)

Team Members: Faiz Syed (INTA),  Sharon Rachel (PhD, HSTS), and Zuna Shabbir (INTA)

Problem Statement: Understanding how to address Georgia Tech's gaps in their current mental health model.

Video Presentation:


Team Members: Lauren Haggerty (ID)

 Problem Statement & Solution:  Looking at refugees relationship with light, and how it can positively or negatively affect the quality of life.

Video Presentation:


Team Members: Francesa Sally (MBA)

Problem Statement: Analyzing the diversity gap in STEM for girls, women, and minorities starting from early childhood education spanning through occupation.

Video Presentation:


Team Members: Usman Jamal (CS), Reed Blanchard (ME), Nevin Gilbert (CS), Akash Harapanahalli (CE), Lauryn Wright (ME),  Amelia Abernathy (BA)

Problem Statement: Looking at how emergency response times can improve human welfare.

Video Presentation:

The Connector

Team Members: Sophia De Lurgio (ID and ALIS) 

Problem Statement: Identifying design opportunities to improve access to basic medical care for the homeless.

Video Presentation: