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Institute For Leadership and Entrepreneurship

2010 I2S Winners and Finalists

Social Solutions Award Winner $1,500 One Motion Syringe - Christina del Rosario
Environmental Solutions Award $1,500 SecondWind - Francis L Garing and Kevin Luk
1st Runner Up $750 Done with DOTS - Ryan Turk
2nd Runner Up $500 Pneumera - Taylor Bronikowski, Sinan Sutcu, Louis Terren, and Siddharth Gaur
People’s Choice Award $250 One Motion Syringe
Blank Foundation Award $1,500 Done with DOTS
Blank Foundation Award Runner Up $1,000 Pneumera
Blank Foundation Award Runner Up: $1,000 AgVert - Kevin Kennedy and Payson Schwin
Blank Foundation Award - Runner Up $1,000 INDIAbetes - Brian Danin
Environmental Solutions Track Finalist: $250 LifeTape - Gabe Landes
I2S Environmental Solutions Track Finalist $250 Developing World Energy Solutions (DWES) - James Molini
I2S Social Solutions Track Finalist $250 The Honey Dryer - Preston Kendall
I2S Social Solutions Track Finalist $250 YITE, The Sahelian Gasification Cookstove - Eric Stribling
Blank Foundation Award Finalist LifeTape
Blank Foundation Award Finalist Rent to Own Housing James Birch and William Bridgers
Blank Foundation Award Finalist Wonderfoods & Wonderfull Justin Ham
Blank Foundation Award Finalist Young Social Entrepreneurs Project Ayinwi Muma
AgVert Developing World Energy Solutions Done With DOTS
Honey Dryer INDIAbetes Lifetape
One Motion Syringe Pneumera Second Wind
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