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Peer Support Information

Fall 2017 - Peer Support Network Roles

The Excel Peer Support Network is designed to provide the individualized support necessary for Excel students to thrive at Georgia Tech. Members work with Excel students to achieve academic success, develop a social network, and establish healthy and independent lifestyles.

Members of the Peer Support Network are asked to commit a minimum of 4 hours a week to supporting students. Time commitments include planning and implementation in addition to monthly trainings and weekly check-ins.

Below is a summary of the entry–level opportunities to engage with Excel.

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Independent Living

Fitness Support

Fitness supports work with students to develop strategies for healthy and active lifestyles. Activities may include:

Estimated time commitment: 2 hrs/week

Fitness Partner

Fitness partners set up consistent times each week with students to hold each other accountable for reaching fitness goals. Activities may include: 

Estimated time commitment: 2 hrs/week

Cooking Support

Cooking supports work with students to advance their cooking skills. Activities may include:

  • Cooking healthy recipes
  • Planning a weekly food budget
  • Practicing safe cooking techniques 

Estimated time commitment: 3 hrs/week 

Social Support

Campus Connector

Campus connectors create space within his/her already-existing organization so an Excel student can become meaningfully involved. Activities may include:

  • Serving as a point of contact for club meetings
  • Identifying a meaningful role for student within a club

Estimated time commitment: Organization/Activity Dependent

Join an Interest Group

Interest Groups are co-led by an Excel student and an undergraduate student. They provide an opportunity for individuals with shared interests to come together and consistently explore that interest throughout the semester. Interest groups for the Fall include::

  • MARTA is SMARTA – Taking MARTA to different locations around Atlanta
  • Movies – Watching movies, finding screening opportunities on and off-campus
  • Paper & Clay – Visiting Paper & Clay and exploring other craft opportunities in Atlanta
  • Football – Coordinating groups to go to GT Football games together

Estimated time commitment: 2-4  hours/week

Excel Class Supports

Class supports provide 1:2 or 1:3 in-class support for Excel Fundamental classes. Classes for Fall 2017 include (Times TBD):

  • Financial Literacy
  • Technology

Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours/week

Excel Class Participants

Class Participants are students who attend Excel fundamental classes and participate in class discussion and activities to promote a collaborative learning environment. Classes offered in Fall 2017 are (Times TBD)

  • Current Events
  • Collaborative Design
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Business Ethics and Etiquette
  • Self-Awareness

Time commitment: 3-5 hours/week

Paid Opportunities

Peer Coach

If an Excel student is the CEO, a Peer Coach is a COO. Coaches work with students weekly on schedule management, task organization, and goal review and revision.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Completing weekly schedules with students
  • Connecting students with campus organizations of interest
  • Attending bi-weekly coaching discussions
  • Communicating weekly with student, staff and supports


  • Reliable – someone who maintains personal commitments
  • Goal-Oriented – someone who can set clear goals and outline paths to reach those goals
  • Innovative – someone who thinks outside the box and is a creative problem-solver

Time commitment: 5 hours/week

Starting Pay: $8.50/hour 

Apply to be a Peer Coach


Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants work alongside Excel faculty to design and teach Excel courses.

Primary Responsibilities Include: 

  • Developing course content alongside Excel faculty
  • Supporting students in and outside of class 
  • Facilitating classroom discussions and small group activities

Teaching Assistant will be posted when class times are announced. If you are interested in a position as a teaching assistant, please apply to the Peer Support Network (indicate above) and click "Teaching Assistant". An application for the position will be forwarded when available.

Time commitment: 5-7 hours/week

*Please note that all members of the Peer Support Network will undergo background checks to ensure the safety of all participants.