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ILSI Faculty and Staff teach many courses, participate in several certificate programs, administer the business track of the Leadership Minor, and administer the Leadership for Social Good Study Abroad Program.

We also serve as a clearinghouse for other departments and programs who wish to teach leadership and/or social impact. If you would like to work with ILSI to design a course with integrated leadership or social innovation content, or would like to build these concepts into your existing curriculum, please contact Prof. .

Minor in Leadership Studies (Business Track only):

Information and Requirements

Certificate Programs We are Affiliated with:

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Certificate

Entrepreneurship Certificate for Graduate Students

Leadership Minor - List of Core Courses

Please visit our Minor in Leadership Studies page for more information about the program.

  • PUBP 4140 Foundations of Leadership. Students will become familiar with different ways of exercising leadership, their own strengths and weaknesses, and how they can best work with others in a leadership context. They will learn and apply leadership skills in a hands-on practical way that encourages them to challenge their own beliefs and assumptions about what constitutes leadership. Instructor: Wes Wynens. PUBP 4140 Syllabus
Leadership for Social Good Study Abroad Program - Core Courses

Please visit our Leadership for Social Good Study Abroad page for more information about the program.

  • MGT 4803 Business Fundamentals for Social Entrepreneurs. This course is designed to teach students how to apply fundamental business skills in organizations that seek to create social value. Most business courses are focused on creating economic value through for-profit organizations. Business skills are also critical in organizations that are tasked with creating social as well as economic value. The ability of students to apply this knowledge and skills will help them attract and manage the human and financial capital needed for success. Instructor: Robert Thomas, PhD. MGT 4803 Syllabus.
  • MGT 4191 Entrepreneurship Forum or MGT 4192 IMPACT Forum. The purpose of this course is to expose the students to, and facilitate a dialogue with individuals and organizations that have had an impact in the international sector. Through site visits and presentations by guest lecturers students will learn about the country and the European Union-specific challenges and opportunities which non-profit organizations face in Central and Eastern Europe. Instructors: Robert N. Thomas, Ph.D./Dori Pap MGT 4191/4192 Syllabus  * Students will enroll in either MGT 4191 or 4192 for a total of 3 credits. Students can use one of these classes towards the Entrepreneurship Certificate or the Leading and Managing Human Capital concentration. If students completed either 4191 or 4192 on the Atlanta campus prior to the Eastern Europe Study Abroad, they will enroll in the course number they have not yet taken. For more info about the Entrepreneurship Certificate requirements click here.
  • MGT 4611 Integrative Management Analysis. Students will be actively engaged in addressing management challenges and opportunities of a non-profit organization in Hungary. In small groups, students will work with the leadership team on projects to enhance the capacity of the non-profit to better serve its constituents. Instructor: Dori Pap MGT 4611 Syllabus