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Parent and Family Page

This parent portal is designed for parents to keep up with important event dates and helpful links throughout the school year. Check back periodically for more updates.

Fall 2019
  • Monday, August 19, 2019: First Day of School.
  • Monday, September 2, 2019: Labor Day. Official Holiday.
  • Friday, October 4 - Sunday, October 6: Gatech Family Weekend.
  • Monday, October 14 - Tuesday, October 15:  Fall Break. 
  • Wednesday, November 27:  No classes. Campus open.
  • Thursday, November 28 - Friday, November 29: Thanksgiving break
  • Monday, December 2 - Tuesday, December 3: Last Day of Classes.
  • Sunday, December 14: End of Term.
  • IMPACT Speaker Series: Link to our free public event the students attend each Wednesday. Speakers are also listed in Upcoming Events.
  • Georgia Tech Parent Portal: Receive emails from the institute about events, important news, etc.
  • Think College Transition Resource: An additional transitional resource, focusing on understanding the difference between K – 12 school experience and college experience, especially regarding the laws, is key to a smooth transition. The link above shows highlights of important differences between high school and college from Think College, a national organization dedicated to supporting higher education opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities.
  • Stamps Health Services & Health Promotions: Located at 740 Ferst Drive, Stamps is the on-campus medical staff, dedicated to providing convenient health services and promoting general good-health practices to GT students.  
  • Dining @ Tech: This service provides students with a place to research and apply for semester meal plans at GT.
  • Georgia Tech Calendar: Click this link to stay informed about Institute dates and holidays.
  • Excel Facebook Page: Updated periodically with news about students, the program, etc.
  • Excel Twitter: Follow to stay updated with the day to day activities of students, the program, etc.
  • Coupon Follow: Financial Resources for Students with Disabilities
  • Match College: Student and Parent Resources for Students with Disabilities

We will be sending out more information regarding specific events, times and locations as we approach the dates. If you have any questions, please let us know.

For after-hours emergency matters, please call (404) 635-6046.

Come back soon for updated information!

Excel Staff Directory


Phone number

Ken Surdin

Excel Director


Marnie Harris

Peer Support Coordinator


Ashley Bidlack

Academic Coordinator, Excel Faculty


Sharon Solly-Weinberg

Excel Program  Coordinator


Pam Dempsey

Excel Faculty


Rene Reese

Faculty/Career Development Coordinator


Nathan Heald

Faculty/Career Development Coordinator


Heather Dicks

Career Development Advisor


Emilee Manning

Social and Support Specialist


Luke Roman

Career and Support Intern