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Mentorship Program

Excel Mentorship Roles

Applications are now closed, Fall 2021 applications will open April 2021. Please contact  for more information.

The Excel Mentorship Program is designed to capitalize on student strengths to increase student leadership capacity, social fluency, and skills for adulthood. Students and mentors work together to achieve academic success, develop a social network, and establish healthy lifestyles. The Mentor Program is made up of students from all walks of life, areas of study, and interests. 

Quote from a Coach:

"My experience has really become that of true friendship. I have learned way more from her than I could ever teach her. She has become so much more confident in herself and her abilities."


General Mentors

Time commitment: 3-5 hrs/week


Health and Wellness Mentor- meet with the student twice a week to assist in the development of healthy and active lifestyles as well as expand their recipe book and advance their cooking and meal prep skills.

Social Mentor - meet with the student twice a week and serve as a support to the student in progressing towards their social goals, seeking out clubs, attending meetings, and coordinating get-togethers.

Specific Mentormeet with the student twice a week to focus on a specific talent, idea, hobby such as: music, volunteering, running, exploring Atlanta, art.

Academic Mentors

Time commitment: 3-5 hrs/week


Teacher's Assistant* - degree student who assists with curriculum implementation in Excel fundamental classes and provides office hour availability.

Class Mentor* - degree student who provides individualized support for students in the Excel fundamental classes.

Tutor* - degree student who work with Excel students to master the course material for their inclusive GT classes. Tutors work with Academic Advisor and Professor to modify assignments to a challenging level for the student.

Class Participant - engage in Excel classes to create a collaborative, diverse learning environment.


Time commitment: 5-7 hrs/week


General Mentors that show dedication, take initiative, and possess positive leadership skills are asked to take on a Coaching role. Students work 1:1 with coaches to advance their social and personal development goals. In addition, coaches help students manage their schedules, emails, and integrate into campus life as well as act as the Team Captain for the Excel student's individualized Mentorship Team.

Contact  for more information.