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Faculty-Led International Business-Related Research Projects Supported  (GT CIBER V, 2006-2007)

  1. Presentation to the Southern Conference of Language Teachers by Mr. James Hoadley, Associate Director, GT CIBER,"Communicating in the Flat World: Language in the Era of Globalization", February 6, 2006 (Download)

  2. Presentation Made to the Faculty at Georgia Tech by Prof. John H. Dunning, External Evaluator, Georgia Tech CIBER and Program, "New Directions in International Business: A Personal View", Tuesday, April 19, 2005 (Download)

  3. "China's WTO Membership: Impacts on the Georgia Textile and Apparel Industry," (Prof. Alka Citrin, Marketing, CoM)

  4. "The Impact of East Asian Economic Development on International Supply Chain Strategy," (Prof. Yih-Long Chang, Operations Management, CoM)

  5. "Global E-Commerce and Information Asymmetries in Asia: International Expansion Strategies for the Internet," (Prof. Rajesh Chakrabarti, Finance, CoM)

  6. "Pricing in China's Nascent Stock Market," (Prof. Cheol Eun, Finance, CoM)

  7. "Competition in the Construction Industry in Japan: Access by Foreign Construction Engineering Firms," (Prof. Brian Woodall, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs)  

  8. "The Biopharmaceutical Industry in Japan: Deregulatory Developments and Market Openness," (Prof. Brian Woodall, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs)

  9. "Confucian Work Ethics: Collective Self-Esteem and Achievement Motivation in Chinese Economies," (Prof. Nancy Wong, Marketing, COM)

  10. “Household Registration and Market Segment in the People’s Republic of China,” (Prof. Fei-Ling Want, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs)

  11. "Global Differences in Information Quality Perceptions in Purchasing Decisions: Developing Methodologies and Databases, I (Asia) and II (Latin America) ," (Prof. A. Citrin, Marketing, CoM)

  12. "Integration of Immigrant Labor in the European Union: Economic Development and Business Strategy Implications," (Prof. Patrick Ireland, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs)

  13. “Internet Infrastructure Business Development: Comparing the U.S. and the EU,” (Prof. Anindya Datta, Information Technology Management, CoM)

  14. "Entrepreneurial Orientation and University Licensing Productivity: Comparing U.S., EU, and Asian Approaches," (Prof. P. Dickson, Strategy, CoM)

  15. "The Globalization of Small and Medium-Sized French Firms: Evidence from the U.S. and Canada," (Profs. M.Biehl, York University, E. Prater, University of Texas, and J. R. McIntyre, CoM)

  16. "Personal Data Privacy: Implementing the U.S.-EU 'Safe Harbor' Compromise," (Prof. William Long, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs)

  17. "International Profit Rates Analysis: Comparative Benchmarks in Advanced Market Economies," (Prof. Jesus Felipe, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs)

  18. "Offshore Customer Front Line Support:The Use of Multi-Country Call Centers--The Case of India,"(Prof. Goutam Challagalla, Marketing, CoM)

  19. "Global Diffusion of Internet: The Case of India," (Prof. Seymour Goodman, College of Computirng and Sam Nunn School International Affairs)

  20. "International Financial Portfolio Flows: The Case of India," (Prof. R. Chakrabarti, Finance, CoM)

  21. "Uncertainty and Cooperative Behavior Among Competing Firms: A Multi-Country Investigation (Latin America Focus)" (Prof. Patrick Dickson, Strategy, CoM)

  22.  "The Use of High Technology Manufacturing Strategies vs. Maquiladora as Growth Strategies in Uruguay," (Prof. Kirk Bowman, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs)

  23. "FDI and the Growth of Domestic Investment: Evidence from the Southern Cone Countries of Latin America," (Profs. Roderick Duncan and Usha Nair-Reickert, School of Economics)

  24. "Regional Integration & Logistical Infrastructures in the Mercosur Area: Implications for Trade Competitiveness," (Ms. Maria Rey, CoM & The Logistics Institute, GA Tech)

  25. "The Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Global Supply Chain Contracts," (Prof. Mark Ferguson, Operations Management, CoM)

  26. "Spillover Effects on Cross-Listed Stocks During Circuit Breakers: Evidence from Foreign Stocks Traded on U.S. Exchanges," (Prof. N. Jayaraman, Finance, CoM)

  27. "The Ex Ante Market Risk Premium in the Group of Seven's Major Equity Indices,"(Prof. Ajay Khorana, Finance, CoM)

  28. "Global Governance in the Communications Sectors: The Case of Internet and ICANN,"(Prof. Hans Klein, School of PP)

  29. "Modelizing Predictive Outcomes for Global High Tech Startups: European and Asian Examples" (Prof. David Ku, Engineering Entrepreneurship, CoM and School of Mechanical Engineering)

  30. "International Franchising: Cultural and Legal Barriers to the Growth of U.S. Franchising,"(Prof. N. Malhotra, F. Ulgado, and J. McIntyre, CoM)

  31. "International Forecasting of Telecommunications Technology Trends," (Dr. Helena Mitchell, Eminent Scholar, Georgia Centers for Advanced Telecommunications Technologies)

  32. "Large Exchange Rate Shocks and FDI Impacts: A Predictive Model," (Profs. A. Subramanian & R. Chakrabarti, Finance, CoM)

  33. "Trade Barriers in the Paper and Pulp Industry: An Empirical Investigation," (Profs. Roderick Duncan and Usha Nair-Reichert, School of Economics)

  34. "TQM and Boosting the Bottom Line: International Benchmarks and Best Practice Countries,"(Prof. Vinod Singhal, Operations Management, CoM)

  35. "International Business Cluster Benchmarking: Guidelines for Mid-Sized City Development," (Prof. Philip Shapira, School of Public Policy and Economic Development Institute)

  36. "International Patenting Activities as Indicators of Knowledge Flows Between Developed and Developing Countries," (Prof. Bhaven N. Sampat, School of Public Policy)

  37. "Global Managerial Accounting Practices: Implications for Expatriate Managers," (Prof. Ferdinand Levy, CoM)

  38. "Incorporating Career Goals & Professional Development in LBAT: Methodologies in Business Language Pedagogy," (Prof. Barbara Blackbourn-Jasman, School of Modern Languages)

  39. "Design Issues for Effective Japanese Business Language Instruction through Web-Based Technology: A Pedagogical Model," (Prof. Masato Kikuchi, School of Modern Languages)