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Information for Sponsors

Is your company interested in becoming project sponsor? Please review a few of our frequently asked questions and testimonials.

What companies should apply?

  • U.S. companies of all sizes who are looking to move overseas, or expand or improve their operations overseas
  • Foreign companies who are looking for increased U.S. investment in their firms
  • Foreign companies who want consulting services from U.S. MBAs
  • Foreign companies who are looking to expand to the U.S. or other markets

What are some guidelines for creating an appropriate project?

  • Companies should have a project that is sufficient in scope and skill sets to best utilize MBAs' skills
  • Projects should be formatted to be accomplished by a team of 4 MBA students working over 16 weeks
  • Previous projects include: Market penetration research, supply chain optimization, revenue management analysis, and foreign expansion strategies

What are some of the other benefits a participating company may enjoy?

  • Direct interaction and exposure to MBA students from a top 25 program
  • Marketing exposure as the company's name in mentioned in press releases and new stories
  • Relationship building with future business leaders, both here and abroad

What are the costs to the participating companies?

  • We ask for no up-front payment
  • All associated costs are borne by the program or the students themselves
  • Satisfied sponsors are encouraged to donate what they can to the project after they have received the results and deliverables, but there is no requirement to pay anything
Notable Quotes About the Georgia Tech Global Business Consultancy Project

"In its three years of existence, the program will have completed 14 projects in four countries, including Argentina, Costa Rica, Ireland and Singapore."

- Leigh Miller, Associate Publisher, GlobalAtlanta

"They used us as their eyes and ears and foot soldiers down there. We analyzed what they need to consider in terms of risk and how successful they would be if they started operations there."
- Richard Jucks, MBA student and project participant

"The students really enjoyed and appreciated this unique opportunity as evidenced by the 4.9 / 5.0 overall evaluation score."
- Mark Ferguson, Former Georgia Tech Professor

How to Apply

If you and your company are interested in becoming project sponsors, please fill out the sponsor application form