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The Global Consultancy Project

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to examine issues related to global management by focusing on diverse and developing countries. Students will have the opportunity to discuss current economic, cultural, and political issues with residents and experts of the focus country, as well as participate in social activities. 

Course Objectives:
  • To sharpen the students' managerial skills in addressing a practical international and operational business problem in a problem-solving mode.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to work on a 'real world' problem with a cross-border dimension in which student participants identify an industry or a company; define a problem and resulting project; work with the prospective client; and refine and resolve salient issues and present findings to the client and the group.
  • To expand the students knowledge of a specific regional economy and business culture through immersion in the chosen country of focus.
  • Completion of a set of readings.
  • Attendance at a series of guest presentations and preparatory meetings.
  • Completion of a cross-cultural management training and learning module.
  • Satisfactory performance in the definition and execution of an international group project resulting in a written report and presentation.
  • Active participation in the overseas trip (company visits, business and economic presentations, etc.) or equivalent alternate assignment.
2014 GCP Destinations:
Previous Destinations:

Czech Republic

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