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Center for International Business Education and Research

The Georgia Tech Center for International Business (CIBER), created in 1993, is one of the 15 national resource centers for excellence international business funded by the U.S. Department of Education. It is administratively located in the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business and collaborates with the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

Our mission as a CIBER is to ensure the long-term international economic competitiveness of the United States through the support of research, business education initiatives, and corporate outreach activities.

Georgia Tech CIBER Activities

  • Funding research in the field of International Business (IB)
  • Encouraging the development of IB curricular initiatives
  • Hosting conferences, colloquia, and fora related to global business
  • Working with the local globally focused business community
  • Facilitating overseas educational opportunities for business students

Georgia Tech CIBER Guiding Principles
  1. Capitalize on the strengths and competencies of Georgia Tech as a leading technological university.
  2. Serve as a national pedagogical model of internationalization for business schools embedded in technology-oriented universities.
  3. Leverage the extensive network of international business assets and connections in the Atlanta metro.
  4. Devise broad-spectrum and innovative internationalization strategies through multidisciplinary programs, units, and research centers.
  5. Ensure greater infusion of business languages and global competence into interdisciplinary studies.
  6. Provide greater opportunities for students to gain international knowledge and experience.
  7. Assist faculty in building synergies between teaching, research, and other professional work with an international or comparative scope through goal-oriented consortia.
  8. Design initiatives that are relevant and responsive to the regional business community's economic development needs.
  9. Stress programs whose delivery is "portable" and have a lasting impact. Activities that maximize national and regional impact.