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Events Organized by GT CIBER 2004-2005
  1. Doctoral Workshop in International Entrepreneurship
    May 20, 2005

  2. Business The 11th Assurant / Georgia Tech Conference on International Finance
    April 07-09, 2005

  3. Globalizing Regional Export Outreach Program: The International Business Academy Course-Atlanta
    Meeting at Atlanta World Trade Center every Friday from Mar. 11 to May 6, excluding Mar. 25, 2005

  4. 4th Annual Roundtable for Engineering Entrepreneurship Research (REER)
    December 03, 2004

    November 12, 2004

  6. Invest in Japan Symposium
    October 12, 2004

  7. GlobalExecWomen to Lead in International Partnership
    October 06, 2004

  8. India-China Relations: Prospects for Expanded Cooperation
    September 23, 2004

Consortial Outreach Activities 2002-2006

The GT CIBER has undertaken a range of outreach pedagogical, research, and related activities based on a consortial approach with select CIBER and other Centers. Outlined below are some of these commitments, with a brief explanatory note:

  1. Annual Foreign Language Educators' Workshops:
    An annual two-day multi-language track program is offered in conjunction with the University of Memphis CIBER and co-sponsored by several CIBER Centers, sharing similar interests in enhancing faculty skills. The Workshops typically occur in the month of February. A set of faculty scholarships are made available for Georgia Tech-sponsored faculty interested in participating. This program is designed to provide accelerated training for college-level language faculty interested in expanding or improving their pedagogical skills in the area of foreign business language.
  2. Annual Faculty Globalization Seminars:
    An annual three-day multi-area faculty development in international business program is organized in association with the University of Memphis, along with other co-sponsoring CIBER Centers. Designed to offer business faculty the opportunity to bring up to date their knowledge base in various subfields of international management.
  3. National CIBER Language Conference:
    GT CIBER is a member of the steering committee of the annual national CIBER language conference offered on a rotational basis among steering committee CIBER universities, in early Spring. This major national conference is designed to provide "state of the art" exposure to researchers and teachers alike in the area of language teaching methodologies with emphasis on the business and applied dimensions.
  4. International Undergraduate Case Competition:
    In association with the Ohio State University CIBER and six other CIBER, eight teams are planned to be involved in the first competition. Teams, made up of students representing seven CIBER institutions, will compete. In addition, two teams would be from international institutions, ideally geographically diverse. The international school teams will be selected from a list of nominees from the participating CIBER institutions. The finals will be held at the Fisher College of OSU.
  5. Annual Doctoral Workshop in International Entrepreneurship:
    In partnership with the Business Schools and Entrepreneurship Centers at Georgia State University and The University of Minnesota, Georgia Tech CIBER established in 1999 an annual three-day workshop designed for PhD dissertation-ready students and candidates in the management disciplines to explore research themes, methods, funding opportunities and provide a forum to further this area of study while training the next generation of international business professors. Held at the end of the second week of May, this event attracts some 30 doctoral students, many of them receiving scholarship.