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CDL-Atlanta Recovery

CDL-Atlanta, Scheller College of Business’ Creative Destruction Lab program for the commercialization of early-stage science, has pivoted to help respond to the global Covid-19 crisis. The new effort, CDL Recovery, a collaboration between the eight universities that form CDL’s global network, will work to transform technological innovations into useful products and services in the areas of public health and economic recovery.

Creative Destruction Lab

CDL Recovery Mission

CDL’s mission is to transform science projects into massively scalable products and services that benefit humanity. Founded at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and now operating across eight universities in four countries, CDL engages leading entrepreneurs, economists, scientists, inventors, business leaders, and investors from around the world to enhance the idea-to-deployment cycle of innovative science and technology via a rigorous, objective-setting process.

The program has successfully brought to market new technologies in a diverse set of frontier fields, including quantum computing, space, and artificial intelligence, creating billions of dollars in equity value in its short history.

The new CDL Recovery rapid response program takes these proven methods and applies them to new initiatives built on science that will meet urgent public health needs today and anticipate the needs of a post-Covid-19 world, particularly in efforts to improve preparation and resilience in the face of future crises.

CDL Recovery Application

The CDL-Atlanta organization is interested in working with innovative, entrepreneurial teams that they can connect to mentors, scientists, venture capitalists, and others whose expertise can help accelerate the growth and success of new ventures.

Early-stage ventures interested in participating are invited to complete an application at

Scheller College of Business co-site leads for CDL-Atlanta and the CDL Recovery initiative are Peter Thompson, Strategy and Innovation Professor and Special Chairholder and Alex Oettl, Strategy and Innovation Associate Professor.

CDL-Recovery: The Global Technology Innovation Practicum

Scheller College has launched a new course in collaboration with the CDL-Recovery initiative called the  Global Technology Innovation Practicum, that will build on the fundamentals of Scheller’s TI:GER® (Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results) program, while narrowing its focus to innovating for the Covid-19 crisis.

The introduction of TI:GER students to the CDL Recovery initiative proves a natural fit. Through this mentorship-based program, TI:GER students engage in the practicum and with business incubators and venture capitalists to quickly move pandemic products or services to market.

TI:GER coursework emphasizes innovation-based live case studies and the observation, decision-making and analytical skills that those cases demand. The MBA and PhD candidates of the 16-month TI:GER program are prepared to effectively partner with start-ups and add value to fledgling businesses. By overlapping the TI:GER and CDL Recovery programs, the methodologies are concentrated on the sciences as they address public health and economic recovery. The end goal is an acceleration of solutions for the multitude of challenges currently emerging.

The Global Technology Innovation Practicum is headed by Jonathan Giuliano, Executive Director & Academic Director of Scheller College’s TI:GER program and  Academic Lead for CDL-Atlanta.

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