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Our world-class faculty and PhD students partner with industry to conduct leading-edge business analytics research. These interdisciplinary collaborations encourage thought leadership and innovation and advance the field of business analytics through the application of data to real-world business challenges.

See below for a sample of some of the exciting research earning national recognition for Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business. If you believe a similar research project could benefit your business, please contact our Senior Research Faculty Co-Director Sridhar Narasimhan or Director of Corporate Engagement Sherri Von Behren.

Latest Briefs

L to R: E. Overby, A. Pattabhiramaiah, and L. Xu
Spillovers from Online Engagement
Do paywalls actually boost subscription revenue?
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Tim Halloran is a Senior Lecturer at Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech.
Using Social Media Engagement to Predict the Sale
Some social media engagements are more powerful than others.
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The lengthy time required to resolve malpractice claims creates substantial costs, both monetary and emotional, for providers and patients.  Georgia Tech researcher Eric Overby's research study demonstrates how the use of electronic medical records can provide a four-month reduction in resolution time.
Electronic Trace Data and Legal Outcomes: The Effect of Electronic Medical Records on Malpractice Claim Resolution Time
Can electronic trace data be used to shorten medical malpractice claims?
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Cash Flow, Capital, and COVID: Did Nursing Home Finances Play a Role in the Spread of COVID-19?
Georgia Tech Assistant Professor Daniel Weagley's unique research reveals the link between a nursing home's healthy balance sheets--and healthy residents.
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# Fail: Social Media, Firm Distress, and Going Concern Opinions
Two Georgia Tech researchers examine the role social media can play in auditors' decision making.
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Designing the Best Reward Structure for Crowdfunding Campaigns
Georgia Tech researchers empirically examine the best strategies for crowdfunding success.
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Paywalls: Monetizing Online Content
Does it pay off for media outlets to require a subscription before allowing consumers to read certain online articles? Researchers studied the effects of implementing paywalls in the context of online content monetization--and the results may surprise you!
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The Impact of E-Book Distribution on Print Sales: Analysis of a Natural Experiment
Is it effective to hold back the digital release of a book in order to boost sales for the print version?
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