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The Analytics Buzz

The Analytics Buzz is a podcast about trends, tools, techniques, and talent related to data science and analytics. Our podcast uses an interview format with industry and academic leaders, and is intended for analytics-interested business professionals from the U.S. and beyond.

Nevaro SMithNevarda Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Docsnap and Director of Innovation Bridge2Solutions

Analytics Throughout the Innovation Lifecycle

In this episode, Nevarda will discuss such topics as:

  • Innovation process
  • Analytics to support innovation stages
  • Barriers for implementing analytics and ways to overcome

Speros Kokenes HeadshotSperos Kokenes, Visual Analytics Practice Lead, Axis Group

Current state and trends in data visualization

In this episode, Speros will discuss such topics as:

  • The meaning of data visualization
  • Current state of adaption of visualization
  • Changes and trends in data visualization

Victor Nilson HeadshotVictor Nilson, Senior Vice President Big Data, AT&T

Developing and driving a strong data culture

In this episode, Victor will discuss such topics as:

  • The meaning of data culture
  • Things that make a company data driven
  • Moving the company to a data driven culture

Sanjay BhagaSanjay Bhagat, Director of Innovation, Coca-Cola ONE North America, CONA

Using Analytics to Drive Innovation

In this episode, Sanjay will discuss such topics as:

  • Types of data-inspired innovation initiatives
  • Barriers to implementing analytics solutions for innovation
  • Suggestions for effectively integrating analytics within innovation process


Wes Chaar Headshot

Dr. Wes Chaar, SVP of Analytics, Data, and Decision Sciences, Turner

Using Analytics for Innovative Solutions

In this episode, Wes will discuss such topics as:

  • Innovation in the media industry
  • Using advanced analytics to develop solutions
  • Data for more creative and effective advertising

Dr. Tom Davenport, President's Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

In this episode, Tom will discuss such topics as:

  • The eras we've experienced and are experiencing in data and analytics
  • Technical, cultural, societal, and other factors that have moved us through the eras
  • Advise for monitoring and responding to trends and industry movement


Keith Osbon, Senior Analytics Consultant, Verizon

How to Get a Seat at the Table: Moving Analytics Function to a consultative role

In this episode, Keith will discuss such topics as:

  • Evolution of data and analytics function
  • Benefits of consultative role for your analysts
  • Methods for moving analytics to a more consulatative role



Craig Brabec, Senior Vice President, McKesson Data and Analytics

Integrating Data Inspired Strategic Change Initiatives

In this episode, Craig will discuss such topics as:

  • Importance of partnerships/champions within the organization
  • Culture of the business and shift to more data-inspired decision-making
  • Using analytics to improve the business and build a competitive advantage
  • Moving from 'nice to know' to critical importance of insights




Dwight Specht, Vice President, Data and Analytics, North Highland Worldwide Consulting

Designing Successful Dashboards

In this episode, Dwight will discuss such topics as:

  • The importance of designing great dashboards
  • Common pitfalls in business intelligence designs
  • Methods for overcoming challenges associated with dashboard choices
  • Advice and resources for improving skills needed

Alex Vayner, Data Science and Analytics Practice Leader for North America, Capgemini

Trends in Data Science and the Focus on the Customer

In this episode, Alex will discuss such topics as:

  • Inflection from inward to outward focus in analytics
  • Trend toward more customer-driven problem solving
  • History of data and analytics

Tom AliffTom Aliff, Senior Vice President, US Data and Analytics, Equifax

The Criticality of Developing Truly Meaningful Insights from Analytics

In this episode, Tom will discuss such topics as:

  • Understanding what it means for data to have value
  • Learning techniques for making your data and analytics solutions resonate
  • Developing strategies for skills to communicate insights 

Payman SadeghPayman Sadegh, Chief Scientist, Data & Marketing Science, Visual IQ, Inc.

Beyond the Project, Operationalizing Analytics

In this episode, Payman will discuss such topics as:

  • Learn the lifecycle of an analytics project
  • Challenges associated with developing sustainable anaytics solutions
  • Insights into ways to operationalize analytics 

John Damalas
John Damalas, Executive, Data Science & Analytics, GE Power Services

The Application of Data Science in the Power Industry

In this episode, John will discuss such topics as:

  • Current state of power with regards to data and use
  • Unique challenges in power when implementing data analytics solutions
  • Application of data science in the energy industry
  • Advice for influencing more data driven process in the power industry

Ahmet Kuyumcu headshotDr. Ahmet Kuyumcu, President, Prorize LLC

Using Data to Improve Pricing Decisions

In this episode, Ahmet will discuss such topics as:

  • Learn how pricing practices are happening now
  • How analytics can help improve the pricing process
  • Types of data used to create pricing models
  • Benefits of using data to develop pricing models

Maribeth GandyDr. Maribeth Gandy Coleman, Interactive Media Technology and Wearable Computing Center, Georgia Tech

Director, Interactive Media Technology Center
Director, Wearable Computing Center
Associate Director, Media, Institute for People and Technology
Importance of Data Analytics in Wearable Devices Ecosystems

In this episode, Maribeth will discuss such topics as:

  • Data produced by wearable devices
  • Business questions we can address about wearable devices through data analytics
  • Improvement of wearable device technology from analytics insights

Dr. Tim Wright and Andrew SmithDr. Tim Wright, and Andrew Smith, Georgia Tech Master’s Students
Up and Coming Data Scientists and Their Preferred Roles

In this episode, Tim and Andrew will discuss such topics as:

  • Reasons why students choose data science and analytics as a field
  • What are they looking for in an opportunity
  • Importance of a company culture that embraces analytics and data-inspired decision-making
  • How to appeal to and maintain freshly minted data science and analytics talent

Ravi DurairajRavi Durairaj, Executive Director, Nebula Partners

Adaptive Business Intelligence Solutions

In this episode, Ravi will discuss such topics as:

  • Gain an understanding of business intelligence solutions
  • Understand where we stand right now with Business Intelligence
  • Learn about 'adaptive' solutions, and how they work
  • Hear where BI is going next

Dr. Michael SchmidtDr. Michael Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer, Nutonian

Developing Analytical Models Using Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, Michael will discuss such topics as:

  • What is artificial intelligence, and how does it relate to building analytical models?
  • What are some good applications of AI in data science?
  • What are some barriers to implementing AI based solutions?
  • Where do you see AI going – should we expect more of the same, or will we see a shift?

Piyanka JainPiyanka Jain, CEO of Aryng and Author of Behind Every Good Decision

Influencing by Numbers

In this episode, Piyanka will discuss such topics as:

  • What does it mean to influence by numbers? Shouldn’t the numbers themselves tell the story?
  • What is the path of the data science process, and where we are falling short?
  • How can we realistically bridge the gaps between insights, consumption by decision-makers, and application of results?

Woodson Savage, Sr.Woodson Savage, Sr. Director, Enterprise Data Strategy

Cox Automotive Automotive Analytics: Unique Challenges and Use Cases

In this episode, Woodson will discuss such topics as:

  • What are the types of business questions in the automotive industry?
  • How have the changes in the auto industry influenced and pushed more and different types of analytics?
  • What is the future of data use for solving more complex problems in the automotive field?

John StaskoDr. John Stasko, Professor, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech

Application of Data Visualization Techniques

In this episode, John will discuss such topics as:

  • What is data visualization?
  • What’s the role of the analyst, types of skills needed, how important are creativity, understanding the business and their objectives, and other skills?
  • What are the barriers, what hurdles have to be overcome to truly embrace data visualization?

Jim SterneJim Sterne, Founder of eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

All About Analytics Conferences

In this episode, Jim will discuss such topics as:

  • What are the different types of data science and analytics conferences?
  • How can someone benefits from conference participation?
  • What are the trends for data science and analytics conferences?
  • How can someone new to conferences learn more and get involved?

Polly Mitchell-GuthriePolly Mitchell-Guthrie, Chair of the Analytics Certification Board at INFORMS

The Meaning of Analytics Certifications

In this episode, Polly will discuss such topics as:

  • What are valid certification in data science and analytics?
  • How do certifications work, and how are they earned?
  • Does certification replace the need for a degree, or are they complements of each other?
  • What would you say to anyone considering certification? How can an analytics person decide which certifications are most meaningful?

Dr. Daniel MagestroDr. Daniel Magestro, VP Research Director, International Institute for Analytics

Understanding Inherent Risks in Analytics

In this episode, Daniel will discuss such topics as:

  • What are types of ‘risks’ in analytics?
  • How can we better recognize risks, and understand them?
  • What can we do to reduce these risks within the data science and analytics process?

Dr. Nikolaos VasiloglouDr. Nikolaos Vasiloglou,Technical Chair, MLCONF

An Overview of Machine Learning with Applications

In this episode, Nik will discuss such topics as:

  • What is machine learning?
  • Application areas and use cases for machine learning
  • The future of machine learning

Bill FranksBill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer, Teradata Corporation

Instilling Analytically Focused Leadership

In this episode, Bill will discuss such topics as:

  • Inspiring leaders to be more data focused
  • Strategies to shift senior management toward more data-inspired leadership direction
  • Advice for analytics professionals looking to get their leadership more data-focused

David SchmittDavid Schmitt, VP Marketing Analytics Strategy at Beckon, Inc.

The Application of Analytics and Data Science for Developing Agile Marketing

In this episode, David will discuss such topics as:

  • The use of analytics and data science
  • What is this agile marketing phenomenon
  • How agile marketing relate to analytics
  • How agile marketing works
  • Advice for analytics professionals
The meaning of data cultureThings that make a company data drivenMoving the company to a data driven culture