Center for International Business Education and Research
2000 - 2001 Working Paper Series

The Georgia Tech CIBER is pleased to offer the following working papers as part of its 2000 - 2001 program. The abstracts and full-text of some papers are offered at this site while the hard-copy is $5.00 each. (To view the full-text version, Acrobat Reader is required). If you would like to place an order, please make your check payable to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Please indicate the number of the papers desired and mail to :

Georgia Tech CIBER
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Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-052

Number Title Author
Economic Convergence and Trade Integration in Latin America

Bowman, Kirk; Felipe, Jesus

A Multi-Country Exploration of the Role of Environmental Uncertainty and Entrepreneurial Orientations in Determining Alliance Structures

Weaver, Mark K.; Dickson, Pat H.; Bishop, Karen

On the Economics of Compensatory Damages In Trade Secret Misappropriations Levy, Ferdinand K.
A Multi-Channel Model of Separating Equilibrium in the Face of the Digital Divide: Policy and Strategy Implications Riggins, Frederick J.; Narasimhan, Sridhar
An Agent-based Model of Corruption Chakrabarti, Rajesh
Aggregate Production Functions and the Measurement of Infrastructure Productivity: A Reassessment Felipe, Jesus
Congruence II: A Strategic Business Board Game (1 2 3)

Schwartz, Robert G.; Teach, Richard D.

Exchange Rate Expectations and FDI Flows Chakrabarti, Rajesh; Scholnick, Barry
The Relevance for Credit Decisions of Cash Flow Provided by Operations Mulford, Charles W.; Comiskey, Eugene E.
International Expansion of E-Tailers: Where the Amazon Flows Chakrabarti, Rajesh; Scholnick, Barry
Catch Up, Convergence, and Growth in Latin America Bowman, Kirk; Felipe, Jesus
Alliance Citizenship Behavior: Behavioral and Contractual Trust as Proxies for Economic Hostages Weaver, Mark K.; Dickson, Pat H.;
East Asia and Europe During the 1998 Asian Collapse: A Clinical Study of a Financial Crisis Chakrabarti, Rajesh; Roll, Richard
A Model of Global Supply Chain Agility and Its Impact on Competitive Performance: Phase Two-Survey Development Swafford, Patricia M.; Gosh, Soumen; Murthy, Nagesh
The Internationalization Process of Small and Medium Sized Israeli Biotechnology Companies Jaffe, Eugene; Weinberg, Diana; Teach, Richard
International Price Competition on the Internet: A Clinical Study of the Online Book Industry Chakrabarti, Rajesh; Scholnick, Barry
Economic Development and Student Entrepreneurs: A Cross Cultural Analysis of Attitudinal Differences About Entrepreneurship Uslay, Can; Teach, Richard D.; Schwartz, Robert G.
The Clinton Years: International Economic Policy and the United States, Interview with Dr. Laura d�Andrea Tyson McIntyre, John R.
The Societal Challenges of a Globalized Technosystem, Interview with Mr. Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems McIntyre, John R.
Price Discovery for Internationally Traded Securities: Evidence from the U.S.-listed Canadian Stocks Eun, Cheol S.; Sabherwal, Sanjiv
Investor Recognition of Bankruptcy Costs: Evidence from the 1987 Market Crash Eun, Cheol S.; Jang, H. Jonathan
The Chinese Discount Puzzle Eun, Cheol S.; Janakiramanan, S.; Lee, Bong-Soo
E-Commerce and Country-of-Origin Effects Ulgado, Francis M.; McIntyre, John R.
Developing International Customer Loyalty to an Internet Shopping Mall Lee, Moonkyu; Ulgado, Francis M.
The Effects of Nationality and Firm-Specific Variables on the Importance of Manufacturing Location Attributes in the United States Ulgado, Francis M.; Godsey, A. Crystal
An Analysis of the Determinants and Shareholder Wealth Effects of Mutual Fund Mergers Jayaraman, Narayanan; Khorana, Ajay; Nelling, Edward
The Role of �Volume Dispersion� in Explaining the Price Change-Volume Relation Chang, Eric C.; Cheng, Joseph W; Khorana, Ajay;
Capital mobility, international environmental standards and less developed countries Duncan, Rod