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The business school's state-of-the-art facility is within Technology Square, a vibrant community at the heart of Midtown Atlanta's high-tech business district.

Scheller College of Business Tech Square

Each day thousands of students take advantage of Technology Square's classrooms, restaurants, meeting facilities, bookstore and coffee shop.

As a major international city, Atlanta offers our students access to thousands of local internships. Students can intern in Atlanta while still living on campus and accessing student services such as the health center, the campus recreation center, and sporting events.  Students can also intern part-time while attending classes and enjoying all of our student resources.

In spring 2007, a  high-tech, $1 million trading floor opened to train students to use the latest financial analysis and trading tools in preparation for careers in investment banking and financial services.  This type of trading floor is a rarity at all but the best business schools.

Trading Floor at Scheller College

Georgia Tech students enjoy a tree-lined campus, abundant green space and the pedestrian-friendly streets of a traditional campus, while also benefiting from the social, recreational and career opportunities of midtown Atlanta.  From parts of campus, you can enjoy the skyline of Atlanta while feeling like you are not in a city at all.

A wide range of professional sporting and first-rate cultural events are within easy reach of campus.  The undergraduate admissions website lists multiple recreational and cultural activities.

Scheller College is housed in a 248,000-square-foot building that is LEED-certified for environmentally friendly design. Completed in 2003, our school has earned "Innovation in Design" credits for "Exemplary Performance, Recycled Content," "Exemplary Performance, Local Materials," "Sustainability Education," and "Comprehensive Tree Relocation," from the U.S. Green Building Council LEED-NC. Additional awards include the Educational Facility Design Award from the AIA Committee on Architecture for Education, the Award for Excellence from the Urban Land Institute, and the Golden Shoe Award from the Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety.

The building incorporates recycled steel, wallboard with recovered gypsum, and carpet that is more than 50% recycled, by weight. The concrete contains the maximum amount of flyash permitted by code. The majority of the building products incorporate salvaged or recycled materials or were manufactured or harvested within Georgia and its neighboring states. Most of the demolition and construction waste, including the asphalt from the site's old parking lots, was collected and recycled.

Recycling stations on each floor and a central storage area were established to collect consumer goods, including paper, plastic, glass, and metals.