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The Georgia Tech Student Foundation allocates grants to student groups and initiatives that benefit the university.

Student Foundation’s Investments Committee Hits $1 Million Mark

The Investments Committee of the Georgia Tech Student Foundation (GTSF) recently reached a milestone of attaining $1 million in net asset value.

Twice a year, the GTSF allocates $15,000 to student groups and initiatives that benefit the Yellow Jacket community. These grants are funded by the endowment managed by the Investments Committee, which oversees a diverse portfolio in financial markets.

The GTSF, whose members are also responsible for fund raising, is one of the few collegiate foundations in the country that is solely operated by students, including the development, investment, and allocation of funds.

Many members of the GTSF’s Investments Committee are business administration majors at the Scheller College of Business, including committee directors Jon LeBoutillier and Michael Hudson.

“Reaching $1 million is a great achievement that has been the focus of the Investments Committee for as long as I can remember, and it serves as a testament to the hard work of everyone involved over nearly thirty years,” LeBoutillier says. “We are working harder than ever to grow the endowment to give back more to the Georgia Tech community.”

Founded in 1986, the GTSF was created by a $100,000 contribution from the late J. Erskine Love Jr., ME 1949, to promote philanthropy at Georgia Tech. 

Hope Wilson
Director of Communications