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Arnold Schneider, professor of accounting

Bryan Church, professor of accounting

Jeffrey Hales, associate professor of accounting

Three Accounting Professors Recognized among Most Prolific for Publication Activity

Three accounting professors in Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business were recently ranked in the top 10 for publication activity among peers who earned their doctorates in the same years as they did.

These rankings, appearing in a recent article on publication productivity in the journal Issues in Accounting Education, listed:

  • Professor Arnold Schneider among the top 10 of the 104 PhD graduates of 1982.
  • Professor Bryan Church among the top 10 of the 187 PhD graduates of 1986.
  • Associate professor Jeffrey Hales among the top 10 of the 104 PhD graduates of 2003.

"We are delighted about this recognition of their research careers and are very proud to have them as our colleagues at Scheller College," says Sri Narasimhan, senior associate dean.

In the article, titled "Benchmarking the Research Productivity of Accounting Doctorates," the authors considered both the number of articles published and the quality of journals in which they appeared, looking at the top 40 accounting journals.

Schneider, who holds a PhD from Ohio State University, joined the Scheller College faculty in 1982. He studies internal control reporting and various internal auditor judgments .

Church holds a PhD from the University of Florida and joined the Scheller College in 1996. He studies the areas of auditing and financial statement analysis.

Hale, who earned his PhD at Cornell University, joined the Scheller College in 2008. He researches investor, analyst, and manager decision-making.

The rankings study in Issues in Accounting Education was conducted by James R. Hasselback, a professor at the University of West Florida; Alan Reinstein, a professor at Wayne State University; and Mohammad Abdolmohammadi, a professor at Bentley University.




Hope Wilson
Director of Communications