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Kathleen Rouse was promoted upon graduation from the Executive MBA in Global Business Program.

Executive MBA Profile: Degree Led to Job, Promotion for Kathleen Rouse

When Kathleen Rouse joined the Executive MBA in Global Business Program in 2009, she was an entrepreneur looking to fine-tune her business acumen and  better understand the global market.

When she graduated just 17 months later, she had an exciting new position with Manhattan Associates that quickly led to a promotion as enterprise technology services global operations principal.

“The most valuable part of my education at Georgia Tech was the interaction with my peers. They brought real-world experiences to classroom discussions, which took us far beyond the textbook,” says Rouse, who learned about the opportunity with Manhattan Associates through a classmate.

“He had experience working with me during the program, so he knew first-hand what strengths I could bring to the table,” says Rouse, who’d previously owned her own health and wellness company, Holistic Strategies. “The position turned out to be a great fit for both parties.”

Rouse says she grew both personally and professionally during the program. “Being surrounded by a group of highly capable leaders performing with integrity to deliver only the best left me with no other option but to perform to the best of my capabilities,”
she says.

The Executive MBA program definitely exceeded her expectations. “I guarantee you will be challenged, and you will discover strengths you did not know you had,” she says.

Hope Wilson
Director of Communications