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Shankar Venkataraman (center) won the Brady Family Award for Faculty Teaching Excellence. He was presented the honor by Charles W. Brady (left), IM 1957, and Dean Steve Salbu.

Angela Behnken (second from right), won the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ILE)-Cowan-Turner-Student Leadership Award. She is pictured with (from left) ILE Director Terry Blum, Dean Steve Salbu, and Cowan-Turner Servant Leadership Chair Joel Cowan.

College of Management Honors Excellent Faculty, Students and Staff

Georgia Tech College of Management honored faculty, students, and staff who exemplify excellence on April 19 at the College of Management's Fourth Annual Honors Day.

"These awards play a key role in motivating our entire College community to reach greater heights of excellence," says College of Management Dean Steve Salbu. "The dedication and drive of our many impressive people have taken us far in our mission to become the world's preeminent business school for management and technology."

The support of dedicated alumni enabled endowment of these annual awards.

This year, faculty award winners include:

  • Chris Forman, the Robert and Stevie Schmidt associate professor of information technology management, who won the Brady Family Award for Faculty Research Excellence.
  • Shankar Venkataraman, assistant professor of accounting, who won the Brady Family Award for Faculty Teaching Excellence.
  • Jeffrey Hales, associate professor of accounting, who won the Linda and Lloyd L. Byars Award for Faculty Excellence.
  • Lucien Dhooge, the Sue and John Staton professor of business law, who won the James College of Management Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence.

Student award winners include:

  • Kelsey Moore, a senior management major, who won the John R. Battle Award for Student Excellence.
  • David Langley, a junior management major, who won The Dow Chemical – P.C. McCutcheon Prize for Outstanding Student Achievement.
  • David Yancey, a senior management major, who won the Jennifer R. and Charles B. Rewis Award for Student Excellence in Accounting.
  • Maital Dar, a first-year MBA student, who won the Gaye Gwinn Sims Memorial Award for Student Excellence.
  • Angela Behnken, a second-year MBA student, who won the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship – Cowan – Turner Student Leadership Award.
  • Jennifer Bailey, a PhD candidate in operations management; and German Rentana, a PhD candidate in information technology management. They shared the Ashford Watson Stalnaker Memorial Prize for Student Excellence.

Staff award winners include:

  • Anne-Marie DeBacker, event coordinator for the Undergraduate Office, who won the Verlander Family Award for Staff Excellence.
  • James Hoadley, assistant director of the Georgia Tech Center for International Business Education and Research, who won the Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Award for Staff Excellence.

Most awards included $5,000. They were presented during a formal luncheon at the Biltmore. The event also recognized past winners of the business school's Alumni Awards as well as the holders and benefactors of scholarships, fellowships, and endowed chairs and professorships.

Hope Wilson
Director of Communications