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Professor Bill Todd engaged his management class in a real-time analysis of the Supreme Court's healthcare decision.

Affordable Care Act: Students React in Real Time to Supreme Court Decision

As the U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision affirming the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, students in professor Bill Todd's Principles of Management course watched in real time and then analyzed the impact on various industry sectors within healthcare (hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, insurance, etc.). The subject for the day was managing change.

"Although students studying management historically may have overlooked the Supreme Court’s impact on business, this particular ruling and coverage became a living laboratory for our business students," says Todd, a professor of the practice who was previously president and CEO of the Georgia Cancer Coalition. "They will recall for years that they were engaged in a historic and, for many, unexpected decision."

Students were asked to bring their laptops and smartphones in order to search for reaction by various industries to the decision as well as monitor the stock price of selected companies and the U.S. financial market.

"The groups then came together as a whole and reported their assessments, stimulating a lively discussion about how business leaders in each sector could manage this significant change," Todd says.

The class was joined by Seletha Butler, assistant professor of business law and ethics. She was able to explain some of the nuance in the Court’s decision to uphold the law and the 5-4 decision, particularly the vote by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Later in the afternoon students in Todd’s class Management in the Healthcare Sector were able to dive a little deeper with even more analysis that had come in from industry in the intervening four hours.

Hope Wilson
Director of Communications