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Undergraduate Profile: Cristina Lara Immersed Herself in China through International Plan
Although Cristina Lara was attracted to Georgia Tech by the opportunity to participate in the International Plan for undergraduates, she already had more experience living overseas than in the United States.
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All-Star Scientists: Study Examines Role of “Helpful” Scientists in the Success of Others
Researchers are typically judged by their ability to frequently publish papers in high-impact journals that are subsequently cited by other studies. This measure of productivity encapsulates an individual's output that is personally beneficial.
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MBA Profile: Alumnus Josh Bank Making Big Deals in Asian Real Estate
When Josh Bank (MBA 2011) enrolled in Tech's full-time MBA program, he was open to wherever his education might take him. But he didn't expect it to be managing commercial real estate transactions all across Asia on behalf of some of the world's largest corporations.
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Marketing Professor Offers Helpful Hints for Healthy Holiday Eating
If you’re counting calories or looking to stay trim during the holidays, consider using the research findings of Koert van Ittersum, associate professor of marketing in Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business. He’s conducted several studies validating techniques that could help you eat less throughout the holiday season when you’re barraged by a seemingly endless parade of treats.
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Professor Explains Growing Role of E-Commerce in Holiday Shopping
As consumers shop for the holidays, e-commerce will continue to play a key role, says Yu Jeffrey Hu, associate professor of information technology management at Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business. Blurred boundaries between online and offline shopping will give consumers more choices, more savings, and better shopping experience, he adds.
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Three Accounting Professors Recognized among Most Prolific for Publication Activity
Three accounting professors in Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business were recently ranked in the top 10 for publication activity among peers who earned their doctorates in the same years as they did.
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Georgia Tech's MBA Ranked in Bloomberg BusinessWeek's Top 25
Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business is ranked 23rd (8th among public universities) in Bloomberg BusinessWeek's latest rankings of the nation's top full-time MBA programs.
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Robin Bienfait to Discuss RIM's Future Plans in IMPACT Lecture Nov. 14
Robin Bienfait, chief information officer of Research in Motion, will discuss the challenges she faces in helping ensure her company's long-term success on Wed. Nov. 14 in Georgia Tech's IMPACT Speaker Series.
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