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Whether you’re interested in the respected Executive MBA Program at Georgia Tech, or a more focused professional program, we have options to help transform your career, your team, and your company.

Executive MBA Program

Let’s begin. The Executive MBA Program at Georgia Tech is designed for working professionals. Begin with a foundation of traditional MBA core courses, then specialize with either an MBA in Global Business or an MBA in Management of Technology. Either will give you relevant skills that will set you apart from your peers.

Executive MBA -
Management of Technology Program

Technology affects every aspect of business today. To stay ahead of the curve—and the competition—you need an advantage. That’s exactly what our MBA in Management of Technology Program (MBA – MOT) provides. This unique program teaches you to forecast what’s ahead and embrace emerging technologies, all while managing innovation and organizational change.

Executive MBA -
Global Business Program

Business has no boundaries. Neither should you. Our MBA in Global Business Program (MBA – GB) teaches you to think strategically and contribute to companies that work across borders and around the world. Here, you’ll gain skills specific to international business, in addition to expertise from the MBA-GB Program core curriculum.

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Rethink everything. This is your chance to see stubborn challenges in a new light. Six Sigma principles will help you uncover inefficiencies and save your company money, no matter the industry. As you go through the program, you will begin to look at every process differently, making you an invaluable asset in your organization.

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A Georgia Tech Custom Executive Education Program will empower your team to solve specific business challenges. We develop a results-based curriculum tailored to your goals, so you can see immediate impact.

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