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Congratulations to our students who "Dare to Care":

2015 Ideas to Serve Competition Results

Ideas Track Winner - The John and Hal Smith Family Foundation Prize: 
Smile Bright: designing a toothbrush to fit the needs of people with disabilities 
Team Members: Anthony Jones (CompE), Laura O'Connell (CivilE), Nadine Marfurt (BA), Neha Sinha (ME), Rehman Pirani (BA), Somya Tirath (ChemE)

Ideas to Serve Winners, Smile Bright

Ideas Track Runner-Up:
Living Local: developing technology that allows produce to be shipped while alive, which prevents spoilage without refrigeration 
Team Members: Alexander Weiss (BME), Ruwan Subasinghe (ME)

Living Local

Advanced Track Winner - Cecil B. Day Prize: 
Vayando: an online booking platform that connects curious travelers with off the grid individuals in emerging economies around the world  
Team Members: Jason Seagle, Joshua Wine (MBA)


Best Video - SpeechWorks Prize: 
The Hearty Eater: plans to enliven existing open space infrastructure and partner with local chefs to provide quality food in a lively, community-oriented environment, allowing everyone to enjoy quality food options -- even the food insecure
Team Members: Adam Perine (Marketing), Khaliff Davis (City & Regional Planning) 

The Hearty Eater

Best Poster: 
LuMa: an algorithm to fetch and analyze subjects' text messages to help reach new conclusions about the interpersonal communication habits of various age groups, and allow them to employ strategies to minimize cyber bullying 
Team Members: Aakash Malhotra, Aditya Sood, Anthony Liu



People's Choice Award: 
VVV Academy: an educational tool that encourages long-term exploration in young students while immediately improving academic performance, test scores, and overall achievement.  
Team Members: Kai Ouyang, Lillian Ko, Mihir Kurande (AE) 

VVV Academy


The Hal and John Smith Family Foundation, Gray Ghost Ventures, Georgia Tech Leadership Education and Development, Cecil B. Day Program for Business Ethics, Steven A. Denning Technology & Management Program, Speechworks, Tedd Munchak Chair in Entrepreneurship, Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business

2015 Competition Program
About I2S 
I2S is About Creating a Better World

The competition is for current Georgia Tech students and recent alumni who have early stage product/service ideas or venture concepts that are geared towards creating a better world through students who Dare to Care.

Entries might focus on reducing poverty, alleviating hunger, promoting health and wellness, improving air and water quality, reducing of the rate of depletion of natural resources, or developing alternate sources of energy…just to name a few!

I2S is About Ideas

We believe that all great ventures and organizations begin with great ideas. Therefore, I2S is primarily a competition of ideas where creativity, imagination, and technology are applied to solving social and/or environmental problems.

It is our hope that eventually these ideas will lead to sustainable organizations that are able to generate sufficient income flows to sustain their missions. If the organizations are for-profit companies, the ideas should eventually be capable of providing returns for investors as well.

I2S is About Creating Triple Bottom-Line Organizations

Simply put, I2S seeks to foster the development of organizations that are focused on the “triple bottom line,” showing concern for social and environmental outcomes as well as for economic return on investment.  I2S supports students who are passionate about improving the human condition - in their immediate community or around the globe - with mentoring, access to a network of local social entrepreneurs and impact investors who serve as judges, and prize money.  The final event is a poster showcase session that is open to the public. There is even a "people's choice" prize to be awarded based on votes from visitors to the competition. I2S Teams are either in the Ideas Track, representing early-stage proposals, and the Advanced Track, where most of them have been through one or more rounds of the I2S (or, in several cases, the Global Social Venture Competition or the InVenture Prize).  Stay up to date on I2S events by subscribing to our email list here.

2015 Schedule 
  • January 29 @ 11am-noon, CoB Room 101 -- Kick-off Info Session Lunch (RSVP here)
  • February 12 (by email) -- Mentor Request Deadline
  • March 1 (EXTENDED to March 12) -- Intent to Compete Deadline (Complete online form here)
  • March 6 @ 1:00-5:00pm, CoB Room 223 -- Bootcamp: Get Ready for the Competition (RSVP here)
  • March 12 @ 9PM (by email ) -- Submission Deadline (1 minute video and Executive Summary)
  • March 22 (by email) -- Finalist Teams for the Ideas and Advanced Tracks Announced (Note: All teams are invited to attend the finals and compete for the Best Pitch, People's Choice, and Best Poster Awards) 
  • April 8th, 2016 6:00-8:30pm, College of Business Atrium -- FINALS POSTER SHOWCASE
How the Competition Works 

Click here to view a Prezi about how the competition works.  

I2S is open to all GT students and young alumni (Spring, Summer and Fall 2014 graduates) that are working on a project that has the potential to solve a local or global social or environmental problem. Teams can be comprised of one individual or multiple members. Not all team members have to be GT students, but at least one of the founders has to be a GT student in order for the team to be eligible. Teams compete in two tracks: early stage (ideas) and advanced (track decisions will be made after you submit the Intent to Compete form with a summary about your project and fill out the related questionnaire). 

We help match you with a mentor if your teams needs one, so please with a short summary of your project and the areas you need help with if you wish to be paired with a mentor. Deadline for mentor requests is February 12.

We will also host an afternoon of workshops (our Bootcamp) on March 6 to help you fine-tune your deliverables and pitch before the competition.

What you have to do is:

  1. On January 29 attend the Kick-off Info session to get all the info and have your questions answered (not a requirement for participation but highly recommended) 
  2. Once you have your team ready fill out the Intent to Compete form and let us know if you need a mentor. We will get back to you with your track designation. 
  3. Attend the Bootcamp of March 6 and learn from the pro’s. They will help you fine-tune your pitch and provide you with feedback about your project. 
  4. your Executive Summary and the link to your one-minute video pitch by March 12. We will notify the finalists for the two tracks by March 22. 
  5. Prepare your poster for the Finals & Poster Showcase – weather you are a finalist in one of the tracks or not you are eligible to participate in the Showcase and compete for the Specialty Prizes. 
Forms, Templates, Eligibility 
2015 Prizes
2015 Competition Prizes
  • Ideas Track Winner: $5,000
  • Ideas Track Runner-Up: $2,500
  • Advanced Track Winner: $2,500

Specialty Prizes*

  • Best Video: $500
  • Best Poster: $500
  • People's Choice Award: $1,000

In addition, teams can apply for funding for conference participation as part of the sponsorship provided by Georgia Tech’s LEAD office.  To apply, please fill out this form by March 25 and email to

*All entrants are eligible to compete for the following prizes regardless of finalist status. Teams need to be present at the Finals Poster Showcase to participate. 

Winners from Previous Years 
Our Sponsors
After I2S - Stories of Success
Lightboards Official LOGO

Lightboards is a small-scale skateboard deck manufacturing company located in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta, GA designed to employ and mentor young men in the area. We invite you to visit in anticipation of our sales launch this Fall. Also, you can now follow us on Instagram @lightboards.

"Thank you so much for the support! The GT I2S competition was a great help to me in getting the company started. I am so grateful for the exposure to my mission, and the prize money to get things moving. Thanks again for your part in the success of Lightboards."

- Ryan Akin, Founder: